Self help groups and YOU!

Self help groups are quite in vogue in the west. In India, they are just picking up. People do not understand how SHGs can help in dealing with the problem of stammering- especially when they (SHGs) are not based on the premise of “Cure”. In spite of all the latest discoveries, which have been written and rewritten on blogs, research journals, websites etc.- the idea of magical CURE refuses to die down. There is always someone who got totally cured by X, Y or Z’s therapy- and if you just work hard enough, spend sufficient money, you too can get cured. So why bother about SHG in your city? Very appealing logic, based on baseless optimism.
But SHGs have a significant role to play, provided you understand, what they are meant for, what your role is and why a facilitator is needed. Some structure has to be there. And some one has to shoulder this responsibility. And there are rewards for everyone.. Listen to this “sales pitch” from your friendly neighborhood sachin..

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    (June 29, 2011 - 5:16 am)

    Clear and concise message Sachin sir. Job well done. I will "buy" it 🙂 ..Am sure a lot of young people would be able to utilise this video as starting point in their journey in starting, facilitating or joining a SHG

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