Do you remember the last time that you broke your promise that you did to yourself? Many times? Sounds familiar? This can be like you may be stopping in the finish line. You never know. Being consistent is boring. Agree. But it has its own advantages. I will take an example of Cricket thro’ out […]

Bangalore SHG Buddy System

How would it be if you had an assistant who reminds you and ensures you complete a task? How would it be if a coach is always with you virtually ensuring you do your exercises regularly? Yes, not a joke. Now you can choose a buddy from the SHG who will ensure you will complete […]

Skype calls

Hi all champions.  We have again started The Skype calls from this Saturday (06-10-2018). Currently we will operate only on weekends From 9pm to 10:30pm. Going ahead we will serve on week days too, once we identify leaders who are interested to conduct. Come, JoIn Us and let’s work together to improve our communication skill. […]