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Tomorrow you will have to give a presentation” After hearing these words in our school/ colleges/ office, most of us feel like we are falling and cannot find our breath. Not even PWS but non-PWS have the fear of presentations. Presentations are important in many job fields and presentation skills are very vital to convey a message with full confidence and clarity.

Advantages of giving a presentation (on a personal level) – 

  1. Self-esteem and self-confidence – How you feel about yourself and your abilities.
  2. Non-verbal communication – Presentation helps us a lot in improving our body language, voice, and facial expressions.
  3. Verbal Communication – How you speak and what words we use can make an impression.
  4. Behavior – How we behave in front of an audience, including politeness.
  5. Critical Thinking – Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally about the topic (s), and it is also a very important soft skill for any job/ business. And critical thinking can be improved a lot by giving many presentations.
  6. Improves time management
  7. Leadership – Great leaders are known to express their thoughts and ideas with their team in an effective way, and presentations in this task.
  8. Public Image – We are judged on how we convey our message and with good presentation skills we not only define how we are but it also defines a lot about our organization.
  9. Last but not least they are a great way to learn about different topics.


Most of us have a self-belief that we are not good at presentations because it requires a lot of communication skills and stammering had made us believe that we cannot speak well, and with TISA we all winning ourselves over these myths about communication.

TISA has come up with a presentation event, to break your self-belief about presentations. 

TISA will also provide a participation certificate for all the participants for this event and it will choose the best presenter, best listener from all the participants. And it will also choose the best question asked by a spectator. 

As every event has its set of rules, even this has few rules (which you can read in the above poster) and participants will be evaluated on certain criteria (criteria on the above poster). And this event will be mostly held on alternate weekends

Don’t shy and join this event and break your own limits.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.”

For any queries feel free to contact the TISA hangout management group.

Link For registration – https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSewAcKBEZHDUM8Lne3UmLihjYFHZ-SwsW0_O6hMVHyAc6BDCw/viewform?usp=sf_link














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