TOPG Review (2)

For the sake of ongoing learning at organisational level, we are conducting an internal review of TOPG. This is second in the series, contributed by Shreya Kumar, a faculty with TOPG:

1. What has struck you as TOPGs unique feature?

The most unique feature of TOPG is the voluntary nature of the organisation, which is a completely pro bono intiative, and it’s flexible yet formalized nature…which ensures that participants learn how to deal with their stammering, by making YouTube Videos. Making videos on YouTube, practice calls with strangers and others, gives a real life practice to the participants..not found in other therapy techniques (in my opinion). Also no fees is charged, participants themselves play the most active role, either by continuing or quitting topg. Everything is voluntary and done on a pro bono basis, with nothing being forced on the participants, only general guidelines being Given.

What do you like the most?

1. Free of Cost
2. Real Time Experience/ Practice
3. Scientific/ well researched core tasks allotted
4. Not just with the speech aspect, but the psychological aspect too is dealt with.
5. Everyone treated with immense respect.
6. Opportunity for PWS to forge new relations and broaden their horizon.
7. No one is imposed with anything. Participants do everything according to their own free will, with just guidance from faculty.
8. Awesome faculty team at TOPG, with senior members like suraj Sir, Sachin Sir always guiding us… And super supportive fellow faculty

What are the constraints?

1. The time given by faculty is not respected at times by the participants. Faculty is taken for granted.
2. Some people do majority of the work..others are able to get away with skipping work. Applicable to both students and faculty.

What have you done to deal with it?

Regarding problem 1, while I respect all the participants, at times I become strict with them (within my boundary) in a respectful manner and tell them that the participants are not the only busy people in the world. Faculty too are equally busy if not more, yet they’re doing this free of cost.

Regarding problem 2, I can’t do anything, I’ve given up. I text the inactive participants/ faculty once or twice so that they become active. After that I leave it . I follow the policy of laissez-faire. I do my work on time, in case of any emergency, my fellow faculty are always ready to step in..

What has been your unique contribution?

I have brought about more inclusive participation especially in terms of gender. While it is a matter of statistics that females are a minority in the PWS Community, and the same applies in TISA as well, I try to support, encourage and engage with maximum women in the TOPG Course.

You experienced it as both participants and Faculty. What is the difference ?

TOPG as a participant was a cakewalk. We were given the best resources, materials as well as mentors. To top it all, to get such quality services free of cost is a rare experience these days.

TOPG as a faculty is a position of responsibility, and it is indeed the greatest happiness in the world to see the smile on some other’s face , because of your encouragement or hard work . TOPG as a faculty, also broadens your perspective not just with regards to Stammering, but towards people, their life and everything around it. It is therapeutic at times and consistency in TOPG, helps us deal with our own problems sufficiently by adding a new perspective.

Two suggestions for future…

1. Make the participants realise that the faculty too are busy . When the participants give the excuse that they couldn’t do the core task coz of their busy schedule, it gets on my nerves.

Can’t think of a second improvement😅

TISA and Sachin sincerely thank Shreya for her valuable inputs and commitment.

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