Many pws join TISA and want to play a bigger role than just a member. They want to contribute. Mooc 2 is an opportunity for them. But let us face the facts: You can help others only if you have helped yourself – at least to some extent! Therefore, Mooc 2 is aimed at people who have:


  1. Successfully completed TOPG (our base program for pws).
  2. who have completed graduation in any stream (because we discuss complex ideas)
  3. who have good command over English as a second language (because a lot of resource material can not be translated into Hindi and some of the faculty can give their best in English only)
  4. who can make a 16 hour+ commitment over two months: Only two sessions per week * 8 weeks. We can not cram too much in a short period.

Ideal Audience
So, it is for people who have used techniques, learned about Acceptance, made presentations, conducted interviews etc., and now want to play a bigger role in TISA as a committed volunteers: Coordinating our online and offline initiatives. The overall purpose is to help participants grasp stammering (and communication) in its entire complexity, to the extent that they are able to coach others on the path of self-help with some confidence.

Joining Link
So, if you are ready, please enroll here:

Tentative Schedule
29/30 April to 26/27 June 2022. We will confirm your participation by email, latest by 28th April.

We will be looking at stammering through a variety of lenses:

  1. Neuroscience (“Do pws have a different motherboard?- taking an analogy from Computers..)
  2. Sociology (“Does stammering hurt us because we are just 1% against 99% “normal” speakers? Just a problem of selfing and othering? Just a problem of early socialization?)
  3. Psychology (Is stammering less of a behaviour and more of our cognition and feelings about it? )
  4. Disability studies (Is stammering just a diversity that has been stigmatized by a “normal” majority?)
  5. Metaphysical perspective (“Is my Self completely explained by my bodily functions? Who am I beyond my stammering and my fluency?”).

Think of it as an evening course offered by a Community college: a lot of self-study, some writing assignments, presentations, and a creative project to top it all at the end. You will have a lot of opportunities to ask questions and 121 discussions with each other and the faculty.

Discussion supported by self-study of online articles, video clips, role plays, brief written assignments etc.

Dr Amit Bajaj, Dr Paul Brocklehurst, Dhruv, and a few more visiting experts will be helping me.

We will help you to set up your dream project: a youtube channel, a blog, a podcast service OR a challenging role within TISA OR an online self-help group, etc. You have to decide what you want to do with your new skills.

Ah, yes, an important requirement: Open mindset- you must believe that you can change – and that you can change for the BEST.

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