Stammering triggers poems!

Fluency of broken words
~ Manpreet Kaur

Everyone is equal,
And should be treated fairly”.
Wish it was more than ‘euphonious’.

I have capabilities yet not one,
Stammering makes a label,
“A red flag”!

Why can’t communication be overlooked,
When a person is intellectually creative.

Those unspoken internal conflicts
Conscious of their gait,
Yet inaudible and speechless.

Why sturr is a standout characteristic
And not just a tiny part.

End of poem.

Let us talk about Manpreet today!

And yes definitely the writer of this beautiful poem!

Those days when she was drowning in the sea of exasperation and she found a little sunlight coming into life when she started writing poems and her unsaid words found the voice!

So what was her motivation before writing such a poem?
She wrote it taking motivation from her own life.

She was searching for an internship and as we all know that nowadays companies are very “liberal”, they are very much ready to take every person, be it a “normal ” person or a “disabled” person!

They always carry this hoarding “NO DISCRIMINATION”  with them!

Hold on!
There is a twist to the story!

Manpreet says ” Although they are boasting about their non-bigotry beliefs, Two words ” FLUENCY IN COMMUNICATION” adds contradiction to the story!

So? Now, what do you think about this? Hypocrisy? Or is it like people don’t consider STAMMERING as a human problem?
Maybe some alien problem. Many people think that a person is Stammering out of choice.
What do you think?

And one more question arises here, what should a stammerer do after hearing such comments, should they go and cry in the corner of the room?  Should they carry those bitter memories where they have been scoffed at by their own ” friends”?

Being a stammerer myself I have an answer to this,i.e, we can always rewrite ugly memories with beautiful ones.

We can go to a counselor to get some mental therapy so that we can come out of that injury.

BELIEVE ME that the scar might not go but the soreness will go. We can start practicing consistently! We can always practice good communication.

And for that, we need not be fluent!  Self-help is always an available option! We can work on our shame and fear of stammering and turn it into our beautiful friend. All this is in our hands.

So stammering might not be a choice at the beginning.
But it becomes a bad choice when we shut ourselves from the world just because of stammering and just act the role of a victim!

So tell me what should you do when someone makes you feel inferior for your stammering?

Here are the clips of interviewing Manpreet!
Clip 1

Clip 2

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1 thought on “Stammering triggers poems!


    (August 30, 2022 - 1:41 pm)

    “…what should a stammerer do after hearing such comments, should they go and cry in the corner of the room? ..”
    No, they should go to their favorite corner, with a mug of coffee (or Bournvita with milk)- and write out their best poetry – or story – or a reflective essay – or record a song by Sultan Bahu or Rumi in their own voice.. when you are in pain, let your heart be a lamp to yourself..

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