“Today, I want to share a very interesting story. I m Pratik Ranjan Yadav from Uttar Pradesh. I have completed my Bachelors in Civil Engineering from Manipal University. I am 25 right now & also a proud stammerer.My stammering got severe from 6th and that is the time when people started bullying me and calling me with all sorts of names. As a response I closed myself where the only person that accompanied me my shadow. The reason is very obvious , i was scared that people will laugh t me if i stamer so for me at that time sutting my mouth was he best option!Now, with time, it has certainly improved drastically, and now, i deal with most situations reasonably well. However, I still stammer & get stuck at few words.

I joined Tisa during 2019 when i was in 6th semester of our college. And i started doing some activities of this group like uploading videos on youtube and i also read the book “apna hath jagannath” which helped me a lot. I m following certain techniques mentioned in that book.The most important thing is that my mindset has changed a lot like before i used to think “what if i stammer” and now it has changed to “its ok to stammer, my main aim is to communicate well, to make the person in front of me understand my point of views”

I have applied for Australia Awards Scholarship, it’s a fully funded Australia government scholarship for masters. So, on the basis of my academics, I was shortlisted for interview, and the tricky part was in the final stage, Interview weightage was 80 %.

Due to the support of my parents & sister, they also used to fill me with positive thoughts & given me the courage to believe even with speech impediment, I can achieve big things.

Finally, I gave the 30 minutes interview with 100% hope and firm belief in myself that I would pull this off. And to my surprise, in the interview, I spoke rather pretty well with no blockages, no haults..it seemed as if words were coming automatically & I was answering the questions effectively & to the point. Also, before this scholarship interview, in the pandemic, I gave n no of interviews and had that experience with me too.

Moreover, with the blessings of God & my parents and with the aid of TISA, I got the scholarship and the scholarship is worth 1.06 Cr ( not trying to show off…just wanted to communicate…Only Sky is the limit for us & anyone can be anything ). Now, I am making myself uncomfortable more often and embracing the uncertainty & my stammering.

I hope this post would give hope & courage to the ones who feel stammering would ruin their career or life. I would like to tell the new members of TISA that the main matra of success is believing in yourself and about stammering, it is not our weakness , instead it is our biggest friend

Life will show you that you are a blessing to this world if you keep on working hard!”

This is a brief of the total interview and his thoughts and the link of the interview given below

Check it out!

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    (May 23, 2022 - 1:05 pm)

    Very inspiring story. This is what pws need to remember: if they work hard, nothing can stop them.
    On the other hand, if they look for disability certificates and reservations, they could be wasting precious years of their lives…


    (June 17, 2022 - 3:04 pm)

    such a ispiration story. believe ourself…


    (June 17, 2022 - 3:08 pm)

    inspiration story for us..

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