14-11-2019 (A meeting at India Gate with Afzal & Arun Kumar)

Afzal and Arun Kumar just completed the workshop with Sachin sir now they returned and doing frequently stranger talk meeting. This time Arun Kumar has some personal work with somewhere and Afzal also joined with Arun Kumar and they after work travel by metro and reached to Central Secretariat metro station that is adjacent to Rashtrapati Bhawan and by foot walk travel to India Gate through Rajpath that is around 2 km. I also joined them later around 7:30 pm after office.

When I reached there they have done 3-4 strangers interviews. Then when I reached there we first stand in distance and shouted in front of India Gate that “Haklayo magar pyaar se one by one”. Arun Kumar volume was too high as he was super excited. Then we moved to few students sitting adjacent to India Gate. They have reached there to attend the Teacher Govt entrance exam in Delhi. They have spare time to catch the train, so visited to India Gate to watch. They are around 3 males and 2 females. Arun Kumar take lead in this interview and when I ask questions 1 male and 1 female take lead to answer all the questions. We also did voice recording for this interview. They are replying in full details and also giving examples properly of our questions. They also replied to Arun Kumar that they not able to judge him as he is stammerer. Then Arun Kumar replied them that as you all are very comfortable and keen to our discussion so my stammering is hide here but at duty with the seniors my stammering again returned.

Then we moved to next persons and Afzal Khan urged me to start the interview. Afzal Khan said that I really want to see how I handle the interview. Then Arun Kumar suggests few persons and after few hesitations I contacted a group of people to talk and they were busy in photography in front of India Gate and replied that please talk to me after few moment. Then I moved to next group here two females were standing and 1 among them is talking on phone. Arun Kumar said see difficult group. Then I moved to them and ask permission to talk. In starting they was bit hesitate to talk but later they also become friendly and the girl talking to phone also joined our conversation later. We also did video recording too. When I ask question, I point out other lady too to answer the question as first lady already answer the question to remains both in in the conversation. This also was very great conversation and this time I also ask to the ladies few personal question which Arun and Afzal try to avoid like If you searching life partner would you consider stammerer.

Then we moved to next group. Arun Kumar suggests that lets talk to this group where three Haryana sides’ girls was standing and talking. Arun Kumar suggests that group but he was bit hesitant then I approached them and talk start allowing them for stammering interview. They were looking more beautiful that moment as two denied but one said ok. Then I take my phone out and said we also want to voice recording too but they was too much hesitant and start opposing that why you want to voice recording etc. Then we said ok if you hesitant then we will not record the voice recording and put my phone in pocket then they start opposing us you trick something in phone and you remains on recording and put in pocket remains on recording and telling here you are not recording and quickly moved to that place somewhere. We also try to convince them you can check our phone we are not recording but they are telling something in Haryanvi language and quickly moved.

So that interview was un done and then we moved to another group where three beautiful girls was trying selfie in back side of India Gate and Arun Kumar approached them for interview but they tell very politely they are not interested. Then security guard coming there and very quickly telling all of them that it is the off time of India Gate premises and telling all of them please move out. Then we finish our meeting there and that was the small meeting of stranger talk.


Shailender Kumar Vinayak


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2 thoughts on “14-11-2019 (A meeting at India Gate with Afzal & Arun Kumar)

    Amitsingh Kushwaha

    (November 15, 2019 - 9:52 pm)

    Great activity. Leave the comfort jone and come out in society is the better and smart way to deal with stammering. Congratulations to all of you.

    Dr Satyendra Srivastava

    (November 18, 2019 - 6:21 pm)

    Very good effort at self help. We have to be always careful about other people’s comfort and privacy. We the pws, are supposed to be very sensitive and very nice people. Right?

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