Dehradun SHG Meeting, 27th July, 2017

Most of the SHG meeting that happens across the country happen mostly on weekends. We, here at DEHRADUN SHG, are changing the trend and we have our meeting on weekdays (mostly on Thursdays) as most of the members are busy during weekends, and believe me, the meetings now have become more interesting and happening. The […]

TISA-Boston University Interaction in Dehradun!!

On 17th June 2017, we were supposed to meet a group of students from Boston University, USA. I admit I was nervous! But with this nervousness, there was enthusiasm, will to succeed, and passion for communicating! Life is all about embracing. Just dive in, experience the situation, and emerge as a victorious warrior! This anecdote […]

ALERT!! – TISA-Operational Groundswell Interaction, 17th June 2017

TISA doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to communication. This time, TISA Dehradun announces the much awaited collaboration of TISA and Operation Groundswell (OG). Read on to know more!! On 17th June, 2017, an informal interaction has been planned. A group of students from Boston University, USA is coming to Dehradun. In case […]

TISA Dehradun

Dehradun Stammering Chronicles | Dehradun SHG Meet 26th March

There are times when Dehradun comes alive with the distinct echoes of TISA fraternity. Today, we gathered in the Gandhi park to relive some beautiful memories and to create some imperishable moments to cherish forever. Ravi, Ashish, Pervez, and Mohit marked their presence at the much anticipated TISA Dehradun meeting. We discussed about the accomplishments […]

Dehradun SHG Meet, 6th November, 2016


The one aspect I love the most about winters is- morning sunshine. Wait, it’s not over yet. All the PWS from Dehradun SHG along with Dr Sachin, lush green lawns of Gandhi park, lots of food and drinks, and the mesmerizing weather of Dehradun! A perfect get together!

10:00 am sharp (pun intended!), all the members were in the Gandhi park. We decided to have a picnic together with all the fun activities and sumptuous food and drinks. There were Dayal, Ravi, Krishna, Pankaj, Gaurav, Vipul, Dr Sachin and Mohit.

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