TISA-Boston University Interaction in Dehradun!!

On 17th June 2017, we were supposed to meet a group of students from Boston University, USA.

I admit I was nervous!

But with this nervousness, there was enthusiasm, will to succeed, and passion for communicating!

Life is all about embracing. Just dive in, experience the situation, and emerge as a victorious warrior! This anecdote is about such an experience we had on a bright Saturday morning in Dehradun.

We were 9 members from TISA Dehradun and 10 members from Boston University and Operation Groundswell. After a cheerful round of greetings, we started with the pre-planned activities for the day.

The concept of the interaction was to learn about three aspects of communication – Listening, Acceptance, and Expression. In between, we indulged ourselves in some games.

The interaction started with the Ice Breaker Round. All the participants were excited about knowing each other. After this, five groups were formed with four participants in each group. The main aim was to discuss our lives, fears, failure and success, hobbies and interests, love, and so on. In this hour-long discussion, we saw participants having a gala time. It seemed as if we had known each other for a long time.

Sumit, an energetic member of TISA Dehradun, introduced some fun-filled activities like a game called Naani-Paani, a round of spontaneous speeches called Extempore, and so on. The participants surely enjoyed themselves.

During the interaction, we were introduced to some exciting games like Vaa and Ninja. Have a look at the pics and videos for a better understanding.

After this, we took a break and had some delicious lunch prepared by the staff of Sitaram Ashram, Dehradun.

The last activity was a Role Play round. The purpose of the activity was to express. This involved participation in groups. The motive was to express a social message through an act. The participants showed great levels of zeal and learning.

After the last round of activity, we expressed our thoughts about the interaction. These thoughts resonated the feelings of the participants, their attitude towards life, and a noble characteristic of a human being. We clicked some pictures and yes, TISA members got some precious goodies from our Boston University friends.

We even went to Kumar Sweets in the evening to savor some delicacies like Faaluda Kulfi, Mix Chaat, Kesar Kulfi, Rasogulla,  Ras Malai, and other things that I don’t remember!

Finally, it was time to bid goodbye! I admit it was tough. But, you cannot create memories if you cling on to something for the lifetime. You need to let it go so that you can cherish it forever. This is what we exactly did!

In the end, I admit, you should be nervous, and you should be willing to overcome it!

I would like to express my gratitude to:

Dr. Sachin for providing this opportunity!

Diane Parris Constantino (Assistant Professor, Boston University) for her guidance, love, and affection!

James Little, Maverick, and Gordon (Operation Groundswell Representatives) for planning and executing the interaction!

Sitaram Ashram (Dehradun) for providing such an amazing venue for the interaction!


For more information, contact us at:

Mohit (8057032220, 8077304897)

Email – dehradunshg@gmail.com


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1 thought on “TISA-Boston University Interaction in Dehradun!!


    (June 23, 2017 - 5:14 pm)

    I think it is time for Boston to invite Dehradun SHG for an interaction? Right?
    Jokes apart, you guys are really becoming popular, thanks to your courage and good planning! Instead of debating (and crying) no end on whatsapp, you are stepping out and meeting interesting strangers in real life! Bravo!

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