Teacher’s day

For me and for most of stammerers I think finding a teacher who understands us is difficult task. I remember my account teacher, whenever she used to call my roll number. I always took some time to respond due to stammering and thinking ” should I say Present or Yes “, saying present was always herculean task for me and always made my heart beat fast.

She used to say to me: your name is Suraj, you should always be on-time and here you always say your attendance late! I never told her I stammerer, nor did I tell anyone in my college. I really used to like her, she was very knowledgeable and wise. I think some times the most wise person may also not understand, what is wrong with that person and why he is struggling to speak because they might have never came across someone who stammers.

The only teacher I remember is Anuradha teacher – my  tution teacher during my class 5th to 9th. I remember she taught me everything from science to social science except maths, maths was not her cup of tea. I used to ask doubts for each and every line in English, and she use to answer all my questions very patiently; I use to ask her meaning of every single word that i didn’t understand. I was just 12 year old kid but still she use to trust me a lot, she used to ask me some maths doubts and other computer doubts and I used to help her. I think the important quality she liked was my eagerness to learn, I was so enthusiastic to learn and that’s why she used to solve all my doubts. I believe that sort of relationship is essential for any student and teacher: a student who want to learn and a teacher who is happy to help those who want to learn. 

Another teacher who had impact on my life is Dr. Sachin. A teacher who have knowledge in almost every field and wise enough to solve any of our life problem. I learnt from him  how to patiently listen to another person, never force someone your suggestions and ideas. I have hardly seen any person at that age who is open to discuss any topic. I think being open is essential, I remember once there was doubt that was holding me, I had fears that he may get offended with my doubt but finally I did ask him. My doubt was ” Why you are fluent but the other senior member of your age still stammer?” He beautifully explained to me that they are not running behind fluency anymore, they are happy with what they are – and he worked on his stammering so he was able to manage it well.

I think the faith or a belief a Student should have in his teacher that I can ask anything to him and he will try to solve it, is very important. If a student has fears about asking doubts to his teacher, and the teacher doesn’t want to answer or he does not accept that he does not know the answer – then that kind of person will never make a good teacher. A teacher himself must always be ready to accept that he does not know all the answers and he should be ready to learn and get back with an answer to you; Such person will always make a good teacher and his students will always be proud of such a teacher.

Being in topg group, I got the chance to teach my fellow stammerers; being a teacher I get lot of respect -but that hardly satisfies me; I feel satisfied when I come to know that someone has really been helped, that my teaching has truly impacted his life – that gives me most satisfaction!

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3 thoughts on “Teacher’s day


    (September 5, 2021 - 10:21 pm)


    Prathamesh Nitin Joshi

    (September 6, 2021 - 10:51 am)

    Hello suraj sir , sir you are very nice person with golden heart 💛 your observation skill is good. I learned lost of things from you in topg .

    Anita Singh

    (September 6, 2021 - 1:03 pm)

    Happy belated teacher’s day, Suraj Sir. You are a remarkable faculty and always maintain your calm and composed temperament no matter what situation you are in. Sometimes we give you a hard time and trouble you with our questions, but you always show confidence in us and answers to all our queries. You inspired us to accept our stammering and manage it bravely at all circumstances. You have set an example by showing that we can turn any difficult situation into a learning opportunity with a composed mindset.

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