Even nature bows down to one’s consistency

Let me tell you about a story of a  boy who never gave up even after a thousand number of excuses to do so.
The name is Rishiraj Salin.
The boy with a very strict environment and with a mogambo dad. He potrays his childhood as a dark phase with a lot of violence in it, not like the normal cheerful life a child should get. That little boy was scared of communicating in  “home” (the place where most of us come back after a hectic day scedule and find comfort). So to get rid of that suffocating environment, he focussed on studying( the thing most children avoid im home). Also he had the nightmares of ghosts ( a normal thing for a child ,isnt it). These were the burden of traumas on that little boy’s little head.

It was normal for him to get panicked, to develop low self confidence and in this entire process of “life”  he  developed stammering and it gradually increased

He used  to escape situations where he had to communicate …. he developed the habit of staying alone and in that process became isolated…but as we know humans are social animals ..so can you think what does that little boy felt in this BIG world?

Well then came a tiny light  in his closed dark room , the light of TISA

HE joined tisa at 2017 with a severe stammering, and a  underwhelmimg shy personality. He  started attending shg offline meetings and participated at online meetings( features of TISA)

He saw changes but not very consistent 
But he being him never gave up
He  practised over and over with definite consistence (the only constant thing in all winner’s life)  , sometimes from reading books in front of mirror  by using  techniques taught by  TISA

He made sure to utilize every  activities provided by TISA  like story telling, impromptu speaking, role playing and discussion activities, filled mock interview forms.

There is  a saying that even the toughest stone starts to break by persistent hard word and patience.

Before any interview he had even  devoted  around 3 hours on his speech, can you feel his zeal now?

And  as expected ,he finally saw  flowers growing in his barren garden..oh comeon, god is not that bad to ignore such hard work.

He want  to thank all that  interviews now( with time he got more and more fluent!…ofcourse the power of practise).

He is currently holding 4 offers(mettler toledo, Accenture, hexaware and colgate)  and he has a gorgeous personality now and he want to gratify TISA and his activities now!.. which helped to build  his  mountaineous level   of  confidence today . From being a shy sympathetic stammerer to becoming a proud  confident  stammerer and sometimes almost like a non stammerer (during interviews), the efforts were fructiferous . Anyway  he has  decided to go with Colgate Palmolive.
He want  to thank all his fellow non pws family of TISA with whom he practised on a daily basis and he tells that  “this journey might not have been possible without such a wonderful platform in form of TISA”.

So what did you learn from this journey??.what are the key words?
2. The necessary zeak to practise,
4.having faith in oneself ,
5.believing your wellwishers( here TISA).
If you learned any more things feel free tp share in the comment section!


Post Author: M.M.Madhurima

4 thoughts on “Even nature bows down to one’s consistency

    Rishiraj Salian

    (June 23, 2022 - 11:03 pm)

    Thankyou very much Madhurima for writing a brief story about me. I got bit emotional reading it and I will consider it to be a big present for me by TISA. I truly feel like most accomplished and seems like a total win. Thankyou for writing such a beautiful artical and I am very very grateful to TISA🙏for all its contributions and support!


      (June 23, 2022 - 11:56 pm)

      Thats our pleasure too


    (July 16, 2022 - 2:11 am)

    Consistency is the KEY! Thank you for saying that so well.


    (August 30, 2022 - 1:46 pm)

    We need more such stories! Please write about your successes- even if you think they are too small!! Let the reader judge that. Just share anything which has nudged you AWAY from crying helplessly and believing in the victim story, that your mind has been telling you all these years..

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