Meeting Report From Patna Chapter- 11 Feb 2024

Date: 11 Feb 2024

Location: Budha Smriti Park, Patna
Meeting Time: 2:30 PM

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  1. Mohit
  2. Suraj
  3. Shubham

Commencing with Positivity:
Our meeting kicked off with a serene atmosphere at Budha Smriti Park in Patna. As the clock struck 2:30 PM, the energy among us was AMAZING.

Energizing Start:
To set the tone, we began with a calming meditation, followed by a delightful 5-minute laughing exercise. Laughter, the best therapy, helped us release tension and connect on a lighter note.

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Sharing National Conference Highlights:
The core of our discussion revolved around the National Conference held in December 2023. Each of us shared personal experiences and the speech techniques we found effective.

Personal Experiences:

Shubham: Managing people from different cities presented challenges, but the Patna SHG chapter handled it remarkably well.

Suraj: The conference was an amazing experience for the Patna SHG chapter. The closing speech was a highlight, leaving us all thoroughly entertained.

Mohit: While it was an incredible experience, there’s a collective acknowledgment that there’s more to achieve. We recognize the need to enhance our SHG meetings further.

Connecting with Conference Guests:
A unique experience was reaching out to every guest who attended the National Conference. Engaging with them broadened our perspective and added new dimensions to our understanding. Evreyone said, they were happy to help us in coming days.

Exploring Emotions and Stammering:
Our discussion delved into the impact of emotions on stammering. The consensus emphasized the importance of not letting emotions dictate our reactions. Stammering often amplifies emotions in trivial matters, and we aim to navigate this aspect more effectively.

Concluding with Action Steps:
We collectively decided on two crucial action steps:

  1. Organize communication workshops every three months in Patna.
  2. Strive to conduct regular SHG meetings at Jagjivan Hall.

Final Thoughts:
And with that, our meeting concluded on a positive note. The Patna SHG looks forward to the next week with enthusiasm. Until then, stay connected and keep the spirit alive!

This is Patna Stammering News Center, signing off. See you next week!

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