TISA Patna SHG Meeting Update- March 31st, 2024

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share a quick update about our recent SHG meeting on March 31st at Navin Sinha Memorial Park in Rajbanshi Nagar. It was a great session with some new faces and interesting discussions!

Location:Navin Sinha Memorial Park, Rajbanshi Nagar

Time: 4 PM

Attendees: Naresh, Shubham, Mohit, Nikhil (New member), Ranjeet and Ayush (Lecturer in shubham college)

Meeting Highlights:

  • We started with introductions and a relaxing 5-minute meditation session.
  • We discussed some important general topics (let’s keep these topics a surprise for the next meeting!).
  • We were lucky to have a special guest, Nilanshu Sir! He’s a senior journalist with experience on channels like DD News, Etv Bihar, and NDTV. Also he came to our National Conference as special guest.

  • Nilanshu Sir shared his knowledge about Gazal, Poetry, Nazm, and even some of the books he’s written.
  • One of the most interesting parts was learning about the secret to a magical and soulful voice. Nilanshu Sir revealed that it’s all about practicing voice modulation!
  • We even had a fun activity where everyone practiced voice modulation on a few lines, and Nilanshu Sir provided helpful feedback.
  • It was inspiring to hear everyone share their poems beautifully. We were especially happy to hear from Nikhil, our new Patna SHG member, who shared a short but impactful poem he wrote himself.

  • Unfortunately, Naresh and Nilanshu Sir had to leave early due to urgent matters.
  • Before wrapping up, we discussed the possibility of a second communication workshop – stay tuned for more details!
  • We ended the meeting by expressing our gratitude to Nilanshu Sir, Ayush ji, and Ranjeet ji & all participants for taking the time to join us.
  • At last, Ayush ji, who has vast experience in handling media and health communication, expressed his gratitude for arranging such a meeting. He also suggested including more non-PWS members in future meetings to increase inclusivity.

We had a wonderful time connecting and learning from each other.

Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming SHG meetings and activities!

See you all soon,

The TISA Patna SHG Team

Post Author: Mohit Kumar

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