Curse of Bhadra


Many say Ravana was a strong, devoted bhakt, sanskrit scholar, high class brahmin, wonderful person and respected women because he did not touched goddess Sita. But what must have been the reason he did not even touched her. Well, he did wanted to do more than touching but was stopped by a curse which was given to him by Lord Kubera’s wife, Goddess Bhadra.

No doubt, Ravana was the greatest Shiva bhakt and is being worshipped by many due to various beliefs. But there is also one bitter truth about him which everyone should know just for the sake of knowing a person totally rather than rationally.

Ravan in his ambition to conquest the universe was on the verge to win everything and anything. He killed many, made several gods hostage and destroyed whatever came in between. Once he went to lord Kuber’s palace in order to grab all his wealth. Lord Kuber happens to be uncle of Ravana as he was the brother of Ravana’s father “Vishwarava”. Ravan after taking all the wealth of lord Kuber still was not satisfied. His lustful eyes were landed on Kuber’s daughter “Mani Bhadra”. He was blinded by the beauty of Mani bhadra. He made requests to “Mani bhadra” to sleep with him to which Mani denied and told him she was like his daughter. Ravan, a beast had to have his own ways. He raped Mani. In anger and frustration to this dastardly act, lord Kuber’s wife “Bhadra” had cursed Ravana that if he touches or have any kind of sexual relation with any women he will die then and there itself.

To this, Mandodari, Ravan’s wife pleaded and requested to lord Kuber’s wife “Bhadra” to rethink about the curse and let ravana have relationship with her atleast as she was his wife. Bhadra agreed to this. Mandodari was a shiva bhakt same like Ravana, infact more devoted and respected all over heaven and hell. The moment goddess sita was abducted and brought to lanka, Ravan wanted to rape her. But was stopped by the curse. He understood this thing immediately and offered Goddess Sita to marry him.

Sita Mata (Mother) was already married to Shri Ram and considered Ravana as her Son. She even forgave him and pleaded Ravana to send her back to Shri Ram but Ravana did his own thing. He harrassed and troubled in all ways so that Goddess Sita could marry him. But it never happened.

Many women had been saved after that curse given by “Bhadra”. This fact is well known but still many people are unaware about it. Many people, especially teenagers are still not aware about hinduism and question facts about ramayana and mahabharata without reading or understanding anything about it.

This story is true to my understanding. If there can be any changes then please revert me back.

-Advocate Allwin Dave, Mumbai

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2 thoughts on “Curse of Bhadra


    (March 28, 2022 - 8:08 am)

    Very interesting, Allwin. I did not know this about Rawan! Our scriptures have MANY stories but all inter-connected and leading to a few main moral conclusions: Victory of Good over Evil. I wonder how did those writers do this without computers to help them keep the track of so many characters, plots in so many stories..?!

    Rohan Kansari

    (April 22, 2022 - 11:32 pm)

    Its a new thing about ravaan i heard …. We only know the ram history , achievements , her moral values but….. Theirs is alots of to know about other characters.

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