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A good way of joining TISA is to share your story here, among friends, who understand you, as fellow pws. Sharing can help you feel LIGHT! It can also make you many friends. Here are two examples : Story of a Girl and I Finally learnt..

And yes – NEVER WORRY about your writing skills and language. We are here to help with that. Just let it come out..You can use Google input interface to write in some of the Indian languages too. If there is any problem, contact us. When you click the link below, your dashboard will open with a New Post window and a button just above it “Add media” (see below). Rest is pretty straight forward. Dont forget to log out, after you have finished.


Please note: Subscriber & or Participant (entry level) can put up an event (calendar) only.

Contributor (next level)- can put up an event plus POST but NO pictures.

Both the above levels will lead to a post /event with “pending” status which admin will publish soon (with in 24 hours). Please remember, both these levels can NOT insert pictures for some technical reason. If your contribution is bonafide (related to self-help), your post will be published AND you will be given AUTHOR status soon. Author can insert media and self-publish too.

People who had AUTHOR status at old TISA blog and who wish to contribute, just send us an email and you will be given Author status at once.

Please dazzle us with powerful text: Direct, simple and based on Aap-beeti (real life experiences, Lived truths..).

Or Whatever inspires you!

Waiting for your post!