Bangalore SHG Dec 07, 2013 meeting report

Stammering is not “the” problem 

Hi All,
Here is report for Bangalore SHG meeting held on Dec 07, 2013 between 2PM to 5PM.

Attendees – Daring Dinesh, Powerful Pramod, Attractive Akash, Tejaswi Tapan ( New member ), Marvellous Manoj ( New member) and myself Adventurous Abhinav

Dinesh and I started meeting at sharp 2PM. We came around 1:45 PM to center and spent 15 mins on talking about Sri M, a living yogi (Dinesh and I have read his book “Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master”) and we thought it will be good to discuss few points from his book while we were alone. Today two new members Tapan and Manoj joined TISA family so we spend initial 45 mins in clearing their doubts and questions regarding SHG meetings and our weekly activities.

Then we started with short introduction round which lasted for next 1:30 hours 🙂 (our introduction rounds always gets converted into intro + QnA + Past and last week experiences sharing round). Few of the points shared by members in this round

1) Akash told that he is pursuing his photography hobbies these days and he recently bought tripod for his DSLR camera. He also clicked close to 200 pics of our last meeting venue Cubbon park.

2) Pramod talked about one of the manager in his previous company. He used to practice martial art and served in army as a soldier for some time, then he started working in one of the MNC in Bangalore. Few years back he got diagnosed with some problem in backbone and now he cant do physical work for long and cant lift any thing weighing more than 10Kg. His manager told Pramod in one the meetings that now he can not hold his 6 months old daughter after 2 years when she will be weighing more than 10KG and that feeling is killing him every day.

3) Tapan told us how he faced and overcome his stammering problem during his initial days of import export business

4) Manoj recently married PWS from Chennai told us about his stammering struggles in student and work life.

5) Dinesh discussed about benefits he got from attending SHG and national get together in coorg.

6) I also discussed about benefits which I got from attending SHG. Attending SHG was one of the best thing which happened to me in last 2 years. I also talked about my meeting with a guy in my office who is having genetic disease called HOCM.

After that Pramod gave prepared speech on Gross National Happiness which is the idea proposed by our neighboring country Bhutan. Pramod’s research work on the content before giving prepared speech is always amazing. He spends lot of time to prepare content and practice it well before delivering.

And in the last as promised we discussed about plans to have fun on 31st eve with SHG family and we all are meeting at Pramod’s place for 31st eve. He can accommodate only 10 PWS. 4 of PWS have already confirmed their presence so guys hurry up, remaining 6 seats will be booked on first come first serve basis 🙂 Do not miss chance of enjoying 31st eve with your best friends 🙂

That is it from Bangalore SHG this week. See you all next week.

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    (December 9, 2013 - 6:17 am)

    Reaching out to people who may be on journeys like ours could be a nice and creative way of looking at ourselves from "outside".. At one time I volunteered at a day care centre for special need children.. it enriched my understanding of others and myself.. j
    I was quite taken up with epithets .. you guys came up with..

    Subtle sachin
    (hope that sounds ok and not too pompous ;))

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