Bangalore SHG Jan 12, 2014 meeting report

This week’s session was very energizing. It was an event packed with good learning and good fun. Myself laughed to the core with people sharing recollecting their childhood events.

Let me summarize this week’s event. I walked down to the hut where we used to conduct our weekly sessions. Dinesh, Anna, Sairam, Manoj, Akash and Abhinav were at the hut. I could see smiling faces welcoming me when I walked down to that place. Abhinav introduced me to Anna, since it was my first meet this year and he was new. We started off informally talking about our work place and daily schedules. Dinesh jumped in, telling we need to stick to our activities and told us to share one incident from our childhood that we still remember. Starting from the slow speaking master, “Sairam” we started to say one by one our childhood memories. Some were really funny and we laughed to the core. As people shared, members were joining in. We had about 10 members this week including me.

The members who attended this week were : Dinesh, Anna, Manoj, Sairam, Abhinav, Aksah, Shri, Pramod, Sharath, Shaliesh and myself.

Highlight among all the share was the speech from Shree where he explained us how he got selected in the interview ;). You guessed it wrong, this interview is the marriage interview where he met a girl to know more about her. He shared it so wonderful that it was like watching a movie. The most inspiring thing in his share is that the girl liked him so much that she started to talk to her parents insisting that she wants him only inspite of his stammering. He also showed us the girl’s pic. It was a wonderful pair I could say.

There was a special guest in our event in between. A German Sheppard Puppy. It was so beautiful, we forgot ourselves playing with it in between. Thanks to its owner, who let us play with it for some time. We had a nice time with it too.

Pramod shared his experience in the Army selection. He narrated it so wonderfully. Even though he was not selected, the inspiration that he gave to the SHG members and others in that group is wonderful. It seems he spoke to Tarak after the interview process and Tarak said “Count your blessings”. Pramod was appreciated by his fellow mates and they said that he would be selected in his group because of his confidence. A real hero never stops fighting and Pramod gave his best fight for the last time in the army selection process. He narrated his story truly wonderful which made our group silent for couple of minutes.

“Count your blessings” sentence can take us to places when we think low on ourselves. Thanks Tarak and Pramod. Finally Dinesh marked the attendance and 1 special thing that we would take up in our lives from this year. We all gave our commitments and that was the event of this week’s event.

The New Year has just begun with new hopes and new dreams. Lets go beyond our reasons, lets go beyond our past failures. Lets make it happen. Lets give our 100% in all that we do. The time is now for you to show who you are. Show to yourself, that you are bigger than your reasons. Make the people laugh on themselves with shame, for laughing on you. Show the world that you are bigger than your petty stammering.

Make this week be your best week ever and come with your sharing in the next week.

Written By Karthik

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

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    (January 16, 2014 - 12:57 pm)

    Count your blessing! Yes, Tarak is one of the blessings for this group..
    Laughing at childhood memories has a great healing effect..
    Thanks Karthik and everyone..

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