Bangalore SHG Oct 5, 2013 meeting report

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

Hello All, This week we had maximum no of PWS in last couple of weeks. Thanks to Akash for calling every one. This week meeting was coordinated by Akash.

Attendees – Prashant, Sharath, Pramod, Animesh, Akash, Dinesh, Sairam, Navdeep, Thenna, Sri, Anbu and myself Abhinav 
We started with short introduction and slow reading followed by short story by Anbu.  Sri came to SHG for first time after attending Vipassana course and every one was curious to hear his experience so we started with Sri’s experience on Vipassana which was followed by Dinesh and Thenna’s experience also. Sri has promised me the that he will write blog post on his experience soon. 
Next we had debate on “Are girls better students than boys”. Discussion was moderated by Navdeep. We debated on how girls especially in India get fewer opportunity than boys and they are better in managing things than boys. Then we planned out next week activities. Next week will be Dussehra holiday in place where we meet,  so we are planning for SHG meeting in swimming pool and yeah we may go for swimming this week 🙂
See you all this week. 

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker