Delhi Self-Help Meeting on 3rd Sep 2017 – A Report

‘Playing with Stammering’

The meeting took place on 3rd september at Natya Ballet Center, Connaught Place. It was hosted by Garima Tripathi and Ambika. It was attended by thirteen participants including two new participants.



The welcome speech was delivered by Ambika. She welcomed guests and introduced The Indian Stammering Association to all. She delightfully explained the significance of theme.

“Playing with stammering” brings out the importance of managing stammering by implementation of techniques and practice of correct body language. Hence forth, usage of techniques and body language is the key to effective communication, where ‘stammering’ holds a tiny place.



Each participant was asked about their name. But, the round table set-up added a pinch of creativity. During first round, every next person spoke name of every person, who introduced themselves prior to that person. The next round, replicated this process at a fast pace.

A person who stammers, can manage stammering by speaking at slow rate. The first round followed this thought. While next round, focused on spontaneous speaking. Eventually, it aided in memorisation of each other’s names.

Feedback: After this, I know everybody here.

I like how uniquely people are named!

I stammered badly on my own name but not so badly on others’ names. Possibly, I am so self-contained and stammer on things pertaining to me.



A moment during technique sharing

This session explained five techniques:

  • Bouncing
  • Prolongation
  • Pausing
  • Voluntary Stammering
  • Body Language

Each technique has its own characteristic which makes it different from other techniques. The first three techniques directed at management of stammering. Voluntary stammering aimed at implementing acceptance in behaviour. Lastly, body language trained in effective communication.


The real test of effective communication is during a presentation at college, office, conference, seminar, workshop etc. This round aimed at training the participants in public speaking skills. All the participants were supposed to present a topic of their choice, to their friends. They were free to choose the topic. Surprisingly, the topics comprised stuttering iceberg analogy, online shopping, game of thrones, hand gesture glove, advantages of positive leadership, compilers along with other diverse interests of participants.

Feedback: The round was recharging, humorous and enjoyable.


One of the pictures used in this round



As name suggests, this round required participants to describe a picture in their words. All the participants came forward in pairs. Each person in a pair described a picture using their partner’s phone. In addition to wonderful descriptions, pictures were insightful.

Not only was this round was designed to practice articulation and eloquence but also, fuelled their power to think.




Shravan while delivering his speech at the meeting


The extempore topics were:

  • Explain your stammering in last one week/month
  • Advantages of stammering
  • How do you handle your stammering?
  • Share a moment when you felt happy about stammering

Each topic was contained in a chit and one of those were randomly chosen by each participant.

All the people were equally excited to put forward their perspectives.


The best time to hold a debate is when participants are willing to express their thoughts. Post extempore, agenda called for a debate.

Our coordinator, Mr. Dixit Arora expressed his willingness to host this round. The topic decided in consensus was online shopping. The house got divided into two groups- for the motion and against the motion. The activity brought forth fruitful arguments and discussions.


A moment during group play


For this round, three groups were formed. Each group contained four to five members. The round required each group to use one technique, unanimously. The underlying goal was to motivate use of techniques as self-help meetings are their practice zone. For performing play, some persons experimented with a technique which was outside their comfort zone. The difference in use of each technique was clearly seen and learnt. The importance of using different techniques was re-established.


For choosing the star of week, each person nominated two persons who were present in the meeting. TISA Delhi congratulates Shravan for winning star of Week position. He was awarded with chocolate pack.

The SHG is thankful to Ambika for getting the gift.


The meeting was well planned. I am so impressed by the participation. The participants were highly creative. I enjoyed my experience.

Tisa Delhi is an amazing group.  However, we can do better by showing more confidence in the skills of host. Let us believe that hosts are well equipped with skills to manage on-ground challenges. After all, self-help group is our practice zone.

Report Prepared By:
Garima Tripathi
Aashima Gogia

Note from Admin: Sincere apologies for the delay in publishing. 

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