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                Back with one more meeting report.
     In this meet up we were four people. Shivaji,Chinni naik,Sandeep,Myself. We initiated the meeting with five minutes of meditation session. It followed by formal introduction round, Chinni naik and Sandeep improved a lot in giving their introduction.
                           As every week we are practicing various exercises in meeting but we are failing to follow them in that whole week at our homes. So we tried figure out what reasons making us to stop in practicing exercises regularly,and why we are not able to spare two hours of time for our stammering.People addressed the reasons in this way, which are very different from each  other.

Sandeep: “Watching tv making me to fail in following exercises. I initially on my television for watching morning boulltine news and I automatically  diverted to other entertaining programs. All of two hours time would be wasted there “

Chinni naik: “I like sleeping a lot .So most of my leisure time I prefer to sleep. So my laziness making me to stop following exercises “

Myself: For the past two  months I did meditation,jogging,yoga within 15 days I found improvement in my work and in  my daily rituals. As I’m observing that my  deeds are some what productive so thought to get some relax for couple of days. Those two days pulled me back again to my normal struggling life style.From then I’m failing to wake up early and do meditation and all. And also casual talks with friends and people around me making me to think that I might taking life so seriously. I don’t blame them but those are also one of the reason for my destructive we way.

Shivaji, as he’s senior most TISA member he said he never failed in practicing on daily basis and also gave speech on how important to follow activities daily and also how dangerous is procrastination
and added a lots of valuable points.
   After speech we had casual talk for a while and then we signed off the meeting with a pic.

Ramu(ram in Skype)

Together We Step Up 🙂 Together We Succeed 🙂
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