Tisa Hyderabad chapter news 15 June

We were 6 members for meetup.
1.Rajsekhar 2.Ramu 3.Ramesh 4.Lalaiah 5.Purna 6.Rajesh.
Today’s meetup is centered around commitment to practice.
Many members think they should come to meetings and do practice but most of them fail because of lack of commitment.

So we rechecked our commitment through meditative mind and interactive discussions.
We also had introduction round followed by superb speech on stammering and its control by Ramesh.
Members are energetic and motivational.
Before leaving for the day we commited to do meditation on daily basis, slow reading practice.
Already answer for stammering is very crisp in a raw form, observe a pattern in all pws in our Tisa, there is a pattern in them i.e they never stop meditating, they talk at ease and they never keep postponding works. This give easiness in mind..a sense of satisfaction and this leads to control on self and once this is attained then stammering will also be managed and controlled.
After meeting RajSekhar has delivered his free java training classes to members.
So people who are interested can join this class and avail good technical knowledge.

Together we step up. Together we succeed.

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Post Author: Harish Usgaonker