TISA Hyderabad Chapter News – 23 March

We were 8 members for meetup.

Mahipal, Ramu, Sumanth, Valli, Ramesh,Dhnyeswar,Poorna and Rajesh.
Activities happened at meetup where everyone spoke about their views on below topics:
1) How to make SHGs outcome more productive.
2) TISA SHGs going to public and conducting some social events which will give us social mingling with public.
In a motive to make TISA SHGs not only a platform for conquering our fear of speaking but also it shall make us strong in every aspect of life where communication is involved. We shall come to SHGs to become excellent communicators. Even though we stammer it is ok but we shall stammer without fear ! Thats where we are gaining control on stammering !
SHGs shall make us able to do any task and ready for execution at any moment.
After practicing in SHGs for a while we all thought we shall mingle with public and conduct some generic events which might not be necessarily a stammering event instead some event where we can talk to public.
So to involve public we shall find the target audience and pitch with them. We shall market their interests and fetch the interested members for a social event.
So TISA members will be part of the event, we organize, we volunteer and we walk through the whole process of the event right from event chalk down, registrations till closing of events.
After execution we will have a different experience which will be obvious for next level of confidence in us.
Some thoughts by our members in conducting social events:
1) Career guidance to young graduates.
2) Helping other NGOs in meeting volunteers across their works.
3) A social platform where everyone can share their goals and get suggestions.
4) Passion on any work.
5) Color Painting.
6) Nutrition experts meetup to increase quality of life.
7) How to file an RTI
All the above events have some target audience where we can explore a lot.Above all these events can be fairly executed with no funding as everything is free of cost which shall fetch more participation.
With Facebook and other social networks in hand we can market about the event and fetch good response and participation which gives ample exposure to our members in mingling and executing big social events.
In the same event we can market about TISA and give awareness on it.
Hope we will give it a shoot very soon.
Rajesh V
96 76 82 0007

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    (March 26, 2014 - 1:55 pm)

    RTI can be an important tool to get information about various welfare programs.. For example, unde inclusive education, govt schools are expected to provide services to children with special needs, including CWS. We can find out what services exactly have been given to CWS in a school.. etc. Etc.

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