A bunch of Ducks!

The pandemic has taught us a lot of lessons. One big lesson is, we can make things happen virtually. This year, TISA took that challenge and planned our most awaited event- the National Conference entirely virtual. After a lot of planning, discussions and rehearsals- we pulled it out very well. The 5 days of NC 2020 from 1-5 Oct were like any other conference we had in the past years- full of energy, making new friends, display of talent and some great presentations by different SHGs.
This year’s NC was the best example of collective teamwork. The NC was organized by ducks this year. Why do I say so? A duck when it seems on the pond, what we see is a pretty static body! It just floats on the water and it seems like it’s doing nothing. What we don’t see is that the duck does a lot of paddling with it’s legs below the water. A seemingly idle duck actually does a lot of work that is unseen! We had a bunch of ducks in our NC organizing team who were coordinating, making calls, designing flyers and much more. The result was an amazing virtual conference that gave the same feeling like an event in person.
Post NC too, I saw a lot of professionalism with which the event is being documented, the video recordings are being systematically organized and feedback taken from every participant. All I can say is, it’s professionalism at its best. I am amazed, and love being a part of this community. Thanks, everyone for helping me grow better and wiser. Let’s keep this enthusiasm going until we meet again to do some more crazy stuff for the stammering community.


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