Ahmedabad SHG Meeting


After a long time we had a in person meeting at our old venue Vastrapur Lake with new vibes. So much is changed in last few years people get engaged, got new job roles, simply life become hectic for everyone. But still in this rush we miss something, we miss a family/stamily in this fast running world and finally we met with a simple excuse to have some tea and snacks. Meeting started with a normal interaction about life between Vikrant Soni, Harshil and Bhupendra. Then Amit joined us in between, then we started sharing our experiences of last five to six months. Harshil is going to teach at some college, Vikrant ji goining to play some fantastic roles in toastmasters, Amit shared some wonderful experiences with his job. Shardaree joined us in between as a surprise and she shared about her engagement.

We winded up the meeting with some Tea, Cold Coffee, Poha and Puffs at Tea post, Vastrapur Lake. I had a old bond with Gajanand Poha wala as we used to have it with Vipul Bhai, Ketul Bhai, Shailesh , Smit; I missed them alot today. I wish i can hold this moment and remain with this SHG forever but we need move ahead with our works with a promise we will meet next sunday in more bigger numbers, much more excitement and some new activities.

With Love.


1 thought on “Ahmedabad SHG Meeting

    Ketul Gandhi

    (February 27, 2022 - 11:27 pm)

    Amazing !
    Nice to see rebound of Ahmedabad SHG
    Gonna Attend soon !!

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