TISA Workshop: Looking back to look forward

Bengaluru : 18-19 Jan 2020



This workshop was different from our communication workshops, since here the focus was less on stammering and more on visualizing a meaningful future for ourselves. It was based on some ideas from Futures Thinking course at Coursera, taught by Jane McGonigal.

Three main ideas here are: We rarely do justice to the potential of future and fall into the common trap of assuming that our future will be like our present, just a little better perhaps! Secondly, visualizing future scenarios is better than opting for definite forecasts: we do want to work with and shape our future till the last minute than to set it in concrete. “Best thing about the future is that there are no facts in future” – everything is a possibility. Thirdly, we need to study ten years of past in order to make a five year forecast. In other words, knowing who we have been, how have we reacted to challenges in the past is an important step in this process.


About 40 participants, from Bengaluru: most were from IT background and all were connected to Bengaluru self help group. Facilitation was done by Dr Satyendra, assisted by Dinesh, Abhinav, Dhruv, Noura, Ankit, Nishil and others from the Bangluru SHG.

Thematic Outline

On day one, we used a PRA tool (TIMELINE) to chart our past, since birth, exploring various dimensions: relationships, education, training, career, major illness and loss etc. Based on this we tried to understand our emotional reactions, patterns and our skills: cognitive, emotional and professional; this was done to sum up ourselves as a person faced with emerging and uncertain future.

On day two, we developed some scenarios. 5-10 years from now – and what personal and professional changes we need to make, in order to reach there. We had a very interesting discussion with three HR managers at the end of the workshop.

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