Delhi WS – Thanks for support

Hi Guys , Hope all are doing great and i am also doing good.  Delhi workshop is now become a nice memory of past . A lot of things learnt from participants , orgnisers which i am sharing soon . Photos of delhi workshop is sharing soon – but i am adding link of a […]

Sahil’s story – delhi workshop biography challenge

My name is sahil.My father is central government employee,I have one brother 3 year older than me and my mom is housewife.My childhood is spent in Delhi and it was awesome.I remember I have negligible stammering as a child  but I have speech disorder “Apraxia”   but with time it disappeared.There is no such problem […]

Delhi Workshop Agenda live now…….

                                                                           Delhi Workshop Agenda DAY 1    22 April 2017                                  DAY 2 – 23 April 2017 S.No. Description Time Slot Host   S.No. Description Time Slot Host   1 Introduction 9.30AM-10:00AM     1 Meditation/ video/ activity 9:30AM-10:00AM Ashish Agarwal   2 Welcome speech 10:00AM-10:30AM Ashish Agarwal   2 Recap of day 1 […]

Varun’s story – Delhi WS Biography Challenge

नमस्कार मित्रों , मैं वरुण प्रताप , up फ़र्रुखाबाद से हूँ । मैं बचपन से हकलता हूँ , लाइफ मे पहली बार अपने बारे मे कुछ लिखने का प्रयास कर रहा हूँ , रमन मान भाई का शुक्रिया । मैं एक माध्यम वर्गीय परिवार से हूँ , मेरी स्कूली शिक्षा कस्बे के ही एक स्कूल […]

My Journey – 9

Hello friends , after a long time I am writing post and thanks to delhi workshop that I am writing about myself on this blog. Myself, Ramandeep singh , A middle class agricultural family background boy , having big dreams …. But stammering come across my path of dreams every time – while facing job interviews , while applying […]