My experience #4

Inaction……actually we stammerers think something magical will happen someday and we will get our fluency back…yes back….because most of us were fluent till the age of 4-5-6 etc …due to continuous negative self talk and stammering again and again , we have accepted that we are born stammer…..HaHa.. stammering is funny .. now a days i laugh at me and my fear vanish ….. someday i went to post office of enquiry…i stammered initially but i maintained eye contact with guy and passed  a smile….my stammering vanished…. i talked to him for 2-3 minutes without any major block….

so learning is that when we accept our stammering a part of us…because any way it is going with you wherever you why not make peace with it,,,, We just have to work on our communication skills like eye contact , body language etc etc….

Avoidance… particularly me , i was reluctant to see myself stuttering but these days i have installed  a big mirror in my room … during each and every phone call ,,, i go in front of this mirror and want to know about my stammering but as soon as go there ,… i don’t get any major blocks ,,, apart from it , i do some short and long self talk in front of mirror … i want to explore my personality ,, how i speak ,, how is my body language and

…. Trust me when you sign a peace treaty with yourself ,,, life is going to be more peaceful and adventures than ever before.. you will fall in love the way you talk,,, soon you do this , your stammering will vanish away…Trust me….


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1 thought on “My experience #4

    satyendra srivastava

    (September 7, 2018 - 5:36 pm)

    Yes, Raman. You can deal with stammering only when you know about it. And to know your stammering, you need to befriend it- as you are doing. Otherwise, more you dislike it, worse it becomes; more you run away from it, harder it chases you.. So, a good motto is: Let mw know what my stammering is all about (NOT, I will conquer and kill my stammering one day! That macho idea does not work here- as we all have discovered sooner or later)

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