Specially for SHG’s Host | Why some of new members do not come after first meeting

Here is my brief explanation :

Its very clear that new members are always like the person who only want cure or a solution to get rid of with stammering problem because they came to know TISA just because after so much of google and multiple presses on keyboard and they found, TISA a hope to find the solution for their stammering.

Generally, Stammerers are very confused not personality wise but due to emotional baggage and multiple thoughts which runs at a high speed. As a host when  you get a chance to invite a new member to the meeting or if you get a call from new member to join the meeting – you can do certain below practices : –

Pre-meeting TIPS

  1. Be Patient – because somehow he/she can have a high level of covertness or severe stammering so as a host and as a guider, you can talk to him very slowly gently and with countless of patience
  2. One of the major thing is – Listen first and then reply with this, also try to listen him more and more – don’t try to full the fuel with your voice only.
  3. Introduce TISA in a positive way by providing some of great examples of many of successful TISA members or may be you can try to explain in short about iceburg research and let him free to ask a question.
  4. Try to promote SHG in a way that yes SHG is a great platform ( and Frankly It is ) to learn and adapt lot of new skills to improve the stammering
  5. Also in a short explanation – you can tell him, there is no harm to stammer as we have done thousands of stranger talk and there is no need to feel shame or less.

During-meeting TIPS

  1. Don’t irritate – if new member is calling you now and then(think about your first day in TISA)
  2. Try to pick his/her call and introduce in the meeting.
  3. As a host,
    1. You should give a small brief introduction about TISA.
    2. You should make him feel very free and overt by putting some of humor into your anchoring
    3. In between of your meeting – try to put some of the inspiration live stories of TISA members but related to their steps which they have taken as a student or employee so that he/she will get inspire by this.
    4. At the end of the meeting – Do not forget this  that try to let him know that How you can improve yourself in TISA because this is a core information by which the new members will understand that how helpful TISA is or How he will improve himself so you can give a small presentation of bottom to top approach.
      1.  Bottom to Top Arpproach: –  When you join a meeting, you learn lot of things from the members there and host itself and frankly speaking joining once a week SHG meeting, keeps you confident throughout the week and you never feel less or disappointed. So initially you become member then onward when you become an experienced member let say after 2-3 months, you can get a chance to host the meeting and trust me, hosting is one of the greatest milestone to learn leadership skills and reached to good communication also when you become one year old member or attend one of our TISA workshop, you can also organize workshop or any small event that will bring another level of improvement in your personality as well as in terms of confidence level so this way your success grows and you become like Versatile.
    5. Also take feedback from the new members at the end of the meeting to let him speak and to know what they actually felt or what they want.

Post-meeting TIPS

  1. You can ask sometime regarding his personal emotions and emotional baggage – that how do you feel now, and what are you doing in terms of improvement and what did you learn from members of TISA.
  2. that’s all for the new members.

And guys trust me, if you follow above points while hosting the meeting and holding a new member then I am sure your new member will feel relax & confident and they never leave the group.


if you have any query or need any other TIPS feel free to reach at me vishal.gupta67@gmail.com

Post Author: Vishal Gupta

4 thoughts on “Specially for SHG’s Host | Why some of new members do not come after first meeting


    (February 14, 2017 - 11:12 am)

    Beautiful analysis, Vishal!
    I loved this line: ” hosting is one of the greatest milestone to learn leadership skills and reached to good communication ”
    Asking for feedback and being PATIENT with new comers is equally important.
    Keep sharing your thoughts and experiences..
    We need many many many more people skilled in facilitating SHGs and such events. I am sure they will come..

    Amit dixit

    (February 15, 2017 - 7:01 pm)

    Very nice points and suggestions..

    But I hv few points why pws not willing to come after first meeting. My views are my personal thinking.
    1) our meetings (Delhi SHG) became more “joy oriented” or “friends meetup” rather than focused result oriented meeting.

    A new pws dnt know how we reached a this point to enjoy stammer. His my is focused at its cure. They come here making time in their schedule but at the end of meeting when they feel that as far stammer is concern they are at same place than they demotivated at some instant.

    To avoid this we can think about a model that speech therapy centers follow. They are practice oriented. That’s why after one day a stammer feel gud about his voice. We cud increase more practice oriented session.

    2) voluntary stammering activity in every meeting.

    A person who comes first time is very fearful with public. He is not enough confident to attend these activities in early phase. Wat I noticed in most of our agenda now a days we have voluntary stammer activity. When a pws see this he avoid to come to meeting bcos he is not enough confident yet.

    In our agenda we can mention that new members can avoid it.

    3) more strength of pws than an identical meeting require ie 6-7 pws.

    Due to more pws members dnt get enough time. We need to frame a structure of meeting when more pws are coming. That is dividing in groups etc.

    These are few suggestions from my side.


    (February 15, 2017 - 10:28 pm)

    @Amit : Thank you, Amit. All very interesting and valid points, which we should keep in mind. Because, yes, every pws is different and the newcomers have lot of fear, to deal with.

    Amitsingh Kushwaha

    (February 20, 2017 - 3:02 pm)

    Dear Vishal, Good work. Very useful tips for pws.

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