Samvad Publications – Tell Us What You Think

The Samwad Editorial Team thanks all the readers of Samvad for continually contributing your stories, articles and experiences and enthusiastic participation by writing to us your feedback and suggestions. We have now decided to take Samvad to another level, by publishing Samvad in hard-copies and sending it to the subscribers. The registered members of TISA […]

Opinions Invited..!

TISA has around 19 SHG initiatives across the country. But the bitter fact is that only a few of these are able to meet regularly. Why do you think this happens? What are the challenges faced by the SHG Co-ordinators to keep going with SHGs and making the meetings happen regularly? What could be the […]

Contributions Invited !

Dear members of TISA family,Inviting your contributions for the second edition of Samvad (TISA Newsletter). If you have your say, voice out your opinion, If you have some inspirational stuff or even a verse or a poetry that you may have penned down… Anything that you feel is relevant and worth a mention in the […]

TISA newsletter !!

TISA is planning to bring out a newsletter (pdf) by 10th August 2010. TISA will welcome any contribution from the readers, SHGs, IPWS, their family / friends. Poetry, Essay, Photograph – anything creative is welcome. Harish Usgaonkar has agreed to be the editor (sachin will be a guest editor for some time).The idea is: not […]