Invitation- TISA Bihar SHG Meeting on 12 June 2016

Dear Friends, TISA Bihar inviting for the next thrilling SHG meeting. These meetings will improves and enhances your communication skills. At meeting, we will enjoy the freedom of our speech with techniques and quite a number of games. In this meeting, we can also emphasis on the calm voice which is possible with the slow […]

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 27 March

Hello Guys, This is Mohit kumar reporting from Patna, Bihar SHG. We were three members- Me, Krishna and Prashant. The meeting venue is Gandhi Maidan at 4PM. Were were right on time. We started our meeting with the formal introduction to each other. The following activities we performed- Breathing exercises Talking with slow speech Debate […]

Patna Bihar SHG Report 11 Oct 2015

Welcome folks for the Meeting Report happened this Sunday.. We were two members – Me and Suraj. The meeting was not other than usual meetings.  We met at Gandhi Maidan and discussed on many topics such as present Bihar election, past life experiences and so on. As Suraj is a humorous person so he keep […]

Patna Bihar SHG Report 20 Sept 2015

Welcome Guys, As per the schedule we reached at Eco park at sharp 3.30pm. We were only two members- Me and Krishna. Meeting started with a Introduction round where we discussed about our weekend’s experiences. Krishna and me had shared some moments that helps us to get busy in our life like Krishna is buying a […]

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Invitation 20 Sept 2015

Patna Bihar SHG Team inviting the stammer for the next SHG meeting to be held on Patna.  Love, Happiness, Fun, are all makes life wonderful and if some Purpose adds to it, then make Life beautiful and Meaningful. So Join the SHG and start loving your Life with the laughter, Enjoyment and Improvements. The Venue […]

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Invitation 6 Sept 2015

Welcome All, We the Patna SHG Team, inviting stammerer for the next meeting held in Patna. You certainly love spending time with us once you meet us. So stop thinking and move your first step for the free life. Our Agenda will be- 1. Introduction in respective techniques 2. Breathing Exercises and meditation 3. Taking […]

Patna Bihar SHG Report 23 Aug 2015

Hello Guys.. The weather was so wonderful that we were excited for our next meeting. We gathered as per the schedule at kumhrar park right at 3.30 pm. Total Attendees– Suraj, Krishna and Mohit We began our meeting with a sip of cold-drinks bought by suraj. We started with a normal chit-chat and then we shared […]

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Invitation 23 Aug 2015

Welcome all, Let’s give our life an extra freedom that we are looking for from a while.  As Albert camus says- Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better. So just give yourself a better life with a better attitude and healthy life by attending the meeting organised by TISA. Patna SHG Team inviting […]

Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Report 16th August

Attendees- Me and Krishna As per the schedule, we were reached the venue on time. We both started our meeting with a general chit chat of how our weekends were and how we celebrated our independence day. We performed breathing exercise of 10 minutes, which helps both of us in being calm and relax. Krishna […]

Picnic Cum Patna Bihar SHG Meeting Invitation- Come and Enjoy with us in Maner tour on Bike

We from Patna SHG are cordially inviting for the SHG meeting at Maner which is 15Km away from Patna. Let’s come to the meeting where you will get all the fun, excitement and enjoyment. And most importantly free yourself from the heaviness of the stammering, anxiety and fear. This meeting is all about freedom and […]