Tisa Hyderabad chapter meet up details on 22-05-2016

Meeting report by Surya  Today 4 members was came including me.  Sumit,madhubabu,Govind bhai, Sandeep,Surya.Meeting was started at 10am. First we did Breathing exercise for 5 mins.After that we started Introduction Round, JAM round. Then we Shared our experience. Then we gave presentation about Stammering and Techniques. I hope next week more people will come to attain […]

News@Tisa Hyderabad Chapter on 15-05-2016

Hello TISA       One more wonderful meeting was held Jalagam Vengal Rao park,punjagutta,Hyderabad.        We were around 7 people in the meeting. Sumit,Thirupati,Shivaji,Shiva Reddy,Dillip,Sandeep,myself. We as usually went with meditation round,it followed formal introduction round.            After introduction we did role play  activity.First we explained about the […]