Why can’t we??

Each one of us is unique. Everyone is bound to his/her destiny no matter what. As a stammerer , we have faced lots of difficulties in our day to day lives. Last two days gave me two important lessons

15 august freedom day….I questioned myself Am I really free? The answer was not yet and I was okk with the answer. Then I thought about freedom struggle of 200 yrs…Is getting freedom is one day eveny?? Absolutely No. Is there only one method to achieve it .. just one technique and stammering is over..Big No…So for me conclusion was that stammering was not a problem but fear of stammering was. If we keep fighting with ourselves, then who will fight with fear ..The Colonial force that enslaved us for years n stopped us doing our best. So first of all our unity of inner n outer life is required to fight with this problem. Infact, we must not fight with it but seek cooperation with honest and satyagraha means. So just give a big smile when u feel fear or stutter…It will change the whole perspective about life. Keep simple..honest efforts..We will learn a lot in this journey. Atleast one lesson that life is beautiful n embracing ourselves as we are n progressing day by day

16 august demise of atalji

Life is long enough for those who are willing to live it not just spend it…A great orator remained speechless for his last 9 yrs….We must see life in big perspective not just jobs , degrees … We have enough for a beautiful life ..This doesn’t mean we accept ourselves a lifelong stutter… Instead accept as a stutter who is working on his communication skills n recovering day by day…We must remain firm /अटल/ on our goal ..No matter what… We often listen speeches of persons who conquered their disability n now role model for us.. so we all must strive to become source of inspiration for all stutters n non stutters .. if we don’t do, then who will do..If not now , then when.

So have faith in our goal n ideals … Come hell or high water, We will win.

If Churchill can become PM of british empire, Joe bidan VP of USA , Hritik roshan a superstar , Sachin sir a role model for thousands of us and list goes on…Then why can’t we…surely we can if we took a firm decision or choose to stay back.

Life full of freedom or full of daily misery…Choice is ours..Always.

Thanks for your support. TISA. Sachin sir and all my fellow special human beings…

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