Delhi Workshop-1st day

Today Delhi workshop was attended by 27 members. Workshop was facilitated by Mr. Jaiparkash Sunda. Members name as follows- Pawas anand, Amit kushwah, Amit Dixit, Jitendera, Ravi, Dr. Vijay, Dr. Tabish, Salendera, Nitin, Ishaan (10 years), Parmendra, Umesh, Abhishek, Amit srivastva, Rakesh Jaiswal, Kaliash, Sourabh, Ajay, Ashish, Parbhat, Sanchit, Hemant, Lalit pandey, Sikander, Subhodh ( Hope I wont miss some one 🙂 Today these activities were performed.
Silence– All members reached at the given time and sat for 15 minutes silence. Mr. Lalit coordinated this activity. We just closed our eyes and had to watch our breaths.
Introduction– All members gave their introduction to whole group by standing one by one on his seat. Some member came from far away places. Nice to see that now TISA really is growing.
Ground Rules– Basic ground rules shared by J.P. Like, what we should had to follow here. None can complete word for another, eye contact should be try to maintain, No advice should be given to anyone.
Session for Interview and personal branding– This time Pawas(HR) shared his ideas for how the young pws who are seeking for jobs can prepare themselves for jobs and interviews. What an organisation and HR expect from a interviewer. Really a worthy session for all of us.
Session on Acceptance- We saw a video of Dr. Sachin talking on acceptance. Then everyone shared his views on acceptance, what they think about real acceptance and how it can be started to implement in real life. Acceptance is not just talking or sharing that I stammer, but it is more bigger than this. It is a life long   journey. It is Accepting the things as they are. We are just part of this big universe and everything is a happening here. Real journey only passes through way of acceptance.
Group discussion- All members are divided in four groups of 7 members. Each group facilitated by one member and asked to discuss members point of view about acceptance, attitude towards their own stammering and others.
Lunch break– We finished lunched with the same group members we discussed acceptance so that we could discussed many more things on lunch table too.
Speech tool and Techniques– J.P told us about some speech tool and techniques like Bouncing, Prolongation and Cancellation. These were some fluency shaping techniques and some stuttering modification techniques. Both have their pros and cons. Then Every member showed demo how much he learned them.
Energizer Games– We played some energizer games to re boost energy level of participants every time they started to feel bored or sleepy 🙂 We played musical chair and some other games. Learning the techniques with fun is always nice. All enjoyed this a lot.
Presentation and video recordings– All members were divided in four groups with one camera and laptop. Everyone gave a presentation of his personal experience with stammering and one member recorded it by cam. 3-4 minute presentation was very nice by everyone. We saw videos later.
Tea break and general discussion– In evening at five, we took snacks with Tea. There we discussed general questions with old TISA members. Members seemed more open and personal now.
Phone calling– Later J.P decided one more activity that we had to call our friends or family members to tell them that I am here in stammering communication workshop because I stutter. Some members really afraid to do this at first time but when some started to do everyone did motivated and did the same.
Real world practice– When we were coming back from the ISI(Indian social Institute), we went on asking directions from strangers. At ticket counter of Metro station, everyone did a bouncing or voluntary stuttering. Whole day was full of learning and fun. Anyway this was the day which we choose for our communication and better personal understanding. All worth we got. Hope next day of workshop will be more productive and fun for all of us. Now time for sleep to wake up early in the morning. We tried too..Ahh!! bye bye..good night.

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7 thoughts on “Delhi Workshop-1st day


    (July 15, 2012 - 4:45 am)

    Great! Many thanks to all of you who have worked behind the scenes to serve fellow pws.. Let me not mention names- but each one of you who helped organise, who participated, who documented and now, who promote it on other channel- are very special and TISA thanks you sincerely..
    Make the best use of the second day too.. Rememeber: Apna Hath- Jagannath! Self help- the best help!


    (July 15, 2012 - 7:37 am)

    Can you guys put up some pictures, if it is OK with you? 27 people talking about stammering in Delhi for two days- must be an amazing experience. I must join next time..


    (July 15, 2012 - 2:29 pm)

    The best person who can understand a stutterer is a stutterer!

    Just seeing each other is a big relief, all other things come as bonus!! 🙂 Kudos to the volunteers.


    (July 15, 2012 - 4:29 pm)

    WOW…IT WAS fantastic experience….just speechless…it was first workshop for me of such kind…..thanks to abhishek ,jitendra ,JP sir..and all jo is work shop me shamil huye..or ise safal banaya….


    (July 15, 2012 - 4:32 pm)

    27 PWS in a workshop is great start. Make best use of the second day. I wish I could have been there. Good luck and all the best to all the participants.Organisers may try to call some media people for spreading a word.


    (July 15, 2012 - 6:40 pm)

    First day of workshop It was great experience of my life. I learned so many thing(speech techniques) with lot of fun. Today my big fear(purchase Metro Token) has removed. Now, i can stammer freely.
    Also like Pawas Sir activity(HR Round) n music game

    Heatedly thanks to J.P Sir, Abhishek, Pawas Sir, Sikander Sir & all SHG Coordinators.

    Nitin Garg

    (July 16, 2012 - 5:52 am)

    It's been a great experience to be a part of the workshop.I learned so many things. I have attended such kind of workshop around 2 years ago but hadn't practiced at that time that was demanding so here at delhi workshop again got a chance to overcome my fear of stammering.
    Thanks to J.P.Sir,Pawas Sir,Sikandar Sir,Pramendra ji n all SHG members for their support.

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