Jaipur SHG

Luckily jaipur SHG has got one more member .His name is Agam Ambrish ,a b.tech. second year student .He has different approach towards stammering than me and Ravi ,he is very optimistic about it and don’t feel himself different than others .His approach towards stammering is really inspiring .But bouncing techinque and slow sppech didn’t work for him instantously as it did for me and Ravi .It was cool to get a new member in our group .Now Jaipur SHG has three members .CHEERS!!!!

Post Author: Harish Usgaonker

2 thoughts on “Jaipur SHG


    (October 24, 2010 - 8:16 am)

    Sid- this is great. Since all of us are unique human beings- we react differently to our stammering.. This is fine if it works for us..
    Carry on..


    (October 24, 2010 - 6:14 pm)

    Great going Sid!

    Next time also try to share a bit more in detail about your meetings. It will help a lot of people trying to start a SHG.

    Good luck!

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