News @ Hyderabad SHG Meetup on 10th Feb

” Belief – Thoughts – Actions “ this is what we discussed through out our SHG meeting today.

How much hard you take this model that much smooth your Life becomes !
This is the very essence of changing anything in Life. As Belief is basic RULE for any activity in our body !
It acts, it rules and makes things happen around us by using our THOUGHTS and in turn becomes ACTION !
Below are members who attended the meeting (left to right)
1.Dev(NEW) 2.Abhisek(NEW) 3.Neeraj 4.Mahipal 5.Rahul 6.Rajesh
As we had 2 new members we had an interactive session among members where the two new members have spoken about their life, experiences with stammering and their zeal to become confident in speech patterns. We discussed what is stammering, probable causes and holistic approaches.
We meditated for sometime and later on we had introduction round where everyone have spoken very slowly (@ comfortable speed of their own )
We discussed how SHG has helped us in getting confident day by day with new members.
Neeraj has spoken on how he enjoys as a frequent traveler to new places, his passion for exploring new places and shared a risky adventure of his recent trip.
The model (” Belief – Thoughts – Actions “) can be applied to all of the instances in Life.
I would explain a story – Mr.X got up in morning just seeing an odd cat and thought his day would go worse and he says his whole day went bad by complaining at every instinct on that day that CAT has done all things BAD. He lost his patience and also his will power with his CAT thoughts and surrendered to the thoughts even thought he could manage his things of not going worse. Story ends here 🙂
What if he didn’t had a belief that seeing a CAT in morning will not make his day worse ?
So dear friends believe that only Belief will alter our whole thoughts and in turn actions…If you want to change thoughts work on changing beliefs on things !
Most of the people try to change their thoughts and fail and mostly in the battle of thoughts and you only the thoughts will win as thoughts are happening with a belief. So see what is true and get an exact belief on the situation (this belief lays RULES for your thoughts )and then automatically your thoughts will change !
We also did voluntary stuttering with shopkeeper in our meeting park. None have smiled nor commented us.
Its a greatest tool for making desensitizing on stammering.and also we did Voluntary stuttering with airtel customer executive while we are going back to home.
Dev – is a Manager cum country head of an IT company ( Body Builder too 🙂
Abhisek – is an Applications Devloper at an IT company.
Awesome Day it was 🙂 We all enjoyed our companionship’s

Together We Step Up 🙂 Together We Succeed 🙂With Regards,
Rajesh V.
 96 76 82 0007

email id: rajesh.jaca”at”gmail”dot”com 

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2 thoughts on “News @ Hyderabad SHG Meetup on 10th Feb


    (February 11, 2013 - 12:36 pm)

    Rajesh.. Bro, it was an excellent meetup on sunday. I would have had regretted had I not attended this one. It was great to meet new PWS and the session on Belief is everything has changed many thoughts in me. I am looking forward to apply some of the rules we shared. I may not come for next meet up as I am going to Bangalore. All the best to all our SHG members. Cheers..!


    (February 11, 2013 - 2:29 pm)

    @Neeraj Bro – Wow nice to know this from you.
    Whenever you come to SHG meetups you set a trend in bouncing style.
    You bounce very nice..
    Regards !

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