News@ TISA Hyderabad chapter 28th Feb 2016

 I (Ramu) reached the park at 9:15,ESHWAR and CHINNI were already in park but sitting at different places I collected them and we together sat at our regular spot. As were started enquiring each other about  daily activities which we are following to control stammering ARJUN SING joined us within 10min TIRUPATHI also joined,as count is increasing we move to other place. Exactly at 10:00am we started the meeting officially with meditation round it is followed by introduction round. During the introduction round SHIVAJI, RAMMOHAN,KISHAN,ASIF,SRINIVAS and also a new person MIRAJ joined us.
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After the introduction round,SHIVJI has given us a short brief explanation about techniques which are mentioned in the “Apne hath jaganath” and it followed by table topic round where each person will be given a topic and asked to speak on that. Mean while SHIVAJI had explained about TISA to the new guy MIRAJ by taking him aside. They joined again at the end of round and also participated in the round. After that we did loud shouting round by splitting into two groups and then we did question and answer round. It was 1:00pm when question and ans  round ended. We took a group pic and then we signed off for the day.

Together We Step Up 🙂 Together We Succeed 🙂
Contact below members for further details.
Rajesh 96 76 82 0007    email id: rajesh.jaca”at”gmail”dot”com
Ramesh/ Sivaji 8897744248 email id:
Ramu   8143344240       email id: hyd.rams93″at”gmail”dot”com
Santhosh Krishna 9849396919
Mauzzam 8712422972 and 8121709802

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