news @ Tisa Hyderabad chapter – 30 Aug

We were 7 members for the meetup.
1.Rakesh 2.Ramu 3.Indra 4.Siva 5.Srinivas 6.Sivamani 7.Rajesh.
(Selfie and loud shouting activity pics at bottom of the post..)

We had a great introduction round of all. We welcomed Sivamani to our Tisa.
He has done mtech and currently in search of job.
Ramu explained breathing exercises which includes pranayam and meditation.
We saw Rakesh has improved in his speech just because we were trying to clap for every time when he stammers and comes above it by pronouncing the word or sound. This made him stammer at ease. We clapped for everyone as and when they started speech and when they concluded. After all in life we lost encouragement and here in Tisa we get that unlimited.. The biggest take away ever..
Members explained about their stammering problems and all other members tried to give their solutions. Its a true self help platform.
Thanks for Tisa for this wonderful platform.
We have promised that we will do breathing exercises and meditation everyday and share the same in the whatsapp group so that it will be monitored by every other member.
It helps in keeping a good rapo between group members and also stands as a promised activity where we will never leave daily practise.
Later on we did loud shouting activity in the park by standing long distance apart.
It helps us to realize that we can speak and that we record in our minds…this will fool proof our mind that we can speak..and it also makes us realize that we shout louder as high as we can. It eases the muscles in throat. It also makes us to talk stress free.
Just keep your full energy and just shout out 🙂 we roared for sometime by asking questions to members and answering them one after another.. its an awesome practice…great feeling..
We concluded with a selfie and smile..

Rajesh V
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