“..A small reflection on stammering…
recently I have been practicing more deep breathing and for longer
periods along with concentrating on different centers at the same
time(agya chakra and also the tip of my nose). Similar to the
information I remember reading in the Valsalva (sp?) technique book X
lent me, it seems to be a real aid not only for my sadhana, but also for
my speech. I never realized so directly have anxious and uneven my
breathing was or how my hypersensitiveness so often left me feeling
jittery and emotionally drained. The more I consciously practice a few
different of these breathing techniques throughout the day, the more
that trapped energy gets redistributed and does not build up or become
stuck, which seems to have a direct effect of the frequency of my
potential to stutter. I also feel more self confidence.
Not sure how much you have experientially
tested the effectiveness of breathing exercises for stammering. The
probelm is, from my perspective, that people have little or no capacity
for perseverance with ANYTHING, and just jump from one technique to
another, sort of like with spirituality or different Gurus, and they
never get very far. So who would have the time, dedication, and faith to
practice any technique for the duration required to see some real
We are so fickle. I still almost daily use EFT. You?..”
– Received from Anugrah, a friend

Post Author: Sachin

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    (October 29, 2011 - 6:17 am)

    And even if after trying something whole heartedly if it doesn't work; then there are two ways to look at it:
    1. Its Not working; I better try something else
    2. Let me try more harder; who knows, it may work

    Which one would your friend recommend ?

    Doesn't jumping around too is a part of the evolution and its only after jumping around and getting tired and exhausted, can you get insights 🙂


    (October 29, 2011 - 7:58 am)

    Hmmm, I will ask Anugrah! Hope he doesn't get too tired and exhausted answering me..


    (October 29, 2011 - 2:09 pm)

    Anugrah: There is a risk that trying too many things and getting dissatisfied with everything may become a "sthayi bhav" (a permanent attitude) with some of us. Always dissatisfied, complaining and unhappy.
    Another risk is: one gets so focused on stammering that LIFE itself may pass us by, unnoticed, un-utilised..
    Lastly, the techniques may simply be a "Zen Koan"- but you never entertain this possibility and keep on trying to solve the unsolvable riddle, and miss the inner essence, the secret, the whole point of the Koan..


    (October 29, 2011 - 2:43 pm)

    JP raised a valid point.

    I have experienced that sometimes after trying too hard for something, when you accept the defeat and stop trying, suddenly you achieve the un-achievable.

    Anuragh's point of little perseverance in stammerers is also a truth for most of the stammerers, if not for all.Continuous strive to hide stammering make us so restless that it becomes so hard to concentrate on something for a longer time & we always seek sudden miracles to transform our speech.

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