Silence of lambs – a parable..


Srishti was a little girl. She was full of questions, inexhaustible energy and a lot of spontaneous ideas and little girls usually are. Her family was proud of her. Her father felt very happy when she recited “Black sheep, black sheep..” to his office colleagues, whenever they visited.

Yes, the whole family was proud of little Srishti, till the day she stammered..

Her father was crest fallen- totally demolished! He wanted her to stop stammering, no matter what. The wise therapist was pressed into service. She, the therapist, tried all the innovative- indirect (and direct!) ways to help Srishti. They played games, they looked into the mirror and talked. They went out to local market, ate ice cream and talked and talked…

Srishti initially resisted and then finally gave in- she was one against a whole world of adults. And were they not trying to help her, with noblest intentions? How could she even think of doubting their wisdom or intentions!
So, here she was – talking more carefully. Thinking before opening her “big” mouth, taking few risks- if at all. There were moments when silence conveyed more than words ever could. Who was she to object?

The class teacher noticed that Srishti was quieter now; she rarely raised her hand. When she spoke – she spoke wisely – just a few words…Even when the class bully snatched her lunch box, she would not scream…She had become very careful now.

Everyone agreed that Srishti is now 8 and naturaly she has become shy and quiet. And her stammering too has gone away like a bad dream, with the rays of morning sun.

Everyone was happy. Therapist was happy because she had succeded in helping a child and her family. Family was happy because whatever it was, it had gone away and their child was fine at last. Even Srishti was happy, it seemed, – no one teased her in the class or called her “Si-si-si-srishti”. She was speaking like other children now, atleast outwardly. Her father seemed happy with her. What more could her little heart want?

Peace reigned supreme on earth..
Except in heaven!

God scratched his chin and mumbled: I wanted her to be Srishti, fearless and spontaneous…. but alas, she has become just like a billion others..

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3 thoughts on “Silence of lambs – a parable..


    (July 8, 2014 - 3:30 pm)

    The world around us is always trying to 'normalise' us. We have to act like the stereotypes , else we are considered weird/misfit by the society. It encompasses all walks of our life like our speech,our eating habits, cloth we wear,our nature, our moods, our views..


    (July 9, 2014 - 8:38 am)

    Hmm…thought provoking.For a minute, it have got me to hold on and review the activities I'm doing these doing these days and what is my ultimate aim behind all these works and how worth is my aim.


    (July 14, 2014 - 6:06 am)

    Speechless have i become !
    This parable also reminds us as not only noble intention will make all the good but due underdtanding is of utmost importance..

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