5th TISA National Conference Expesnses and Fund Detail

Final Account Funds Received Registration Amount 149900 TISA Fund from NC 2014 by Virendra Shirse 26554 Donation 12670 Accommodation 23728 Others 8960 Total fund received 221812 Expenses Heads Conference Hall 52839 Lunch & Snacks 63077 For AHJ translation & editing to Amit K 10000 Accommodation 27411 Stationary 30550 Refund 18878 Others 4130 Total Expenses 206885 […]

Keith in Pune

The day was 15th Feb 2010, and time was around 7:30 PM, when I first saw a man sitting in the hotel room along with Pankaj who went to receive him. As soon as I entered the room, the seventy something gentleman made an effort to get up from his relaxed posture, bent towards me […]