Interview Time

Today I again face the interview of part time computer operator job in a private company.. Before reaching the interview venue, I have to face many problems like asking rikshaw wala, asking auto driver, the address of that venue and if he can’t help me then I have to ask many people on road side(which […]

Race to win!

A racer always thinks before start of race ” I should win anyhow”.There are only two possibility for him left “Win” or “Lose”.In the same way we stutters have also two choices in our life:-“Do” or “Die”.The more we do hard work, the more we succeed in our life.Nobody is perfect in this planet.Albert einstein […]

Lets Change our mindset

The Time has come where we have to change our mind set regarding stuttering. We always thinks about “Life without stuttering”, but why not we think “Life with stuttering”. The only difference is “out” i.e- Out our mindset.. When we consider our stuttering as a enjoyment of life, we must succeed in it. The solution […]

रौशनी कि उम्मीद…

दो दिन पहले मुझे कुछ दोस्त फ़ोन किये, वो बहुत  पुराने दोस्त थे और मुझसे मिलना चाहते थे. तो  मैं मिलने चला गया . मैं घर से ही कांफिडेंट हो कर निकला था की मुझे जो हो  जाए  बोलना है, अगर रुक भी जाऊ  फिर भी बोलना है और ये सोच कर वह पहुंचा. पहुँचते के […]

TISA Patna!!

Mohit Kumar from Patna wants to start a SHG. This is a great opportunity for people in Patna. Here are his details And for all those of you wondering what to do in a SHG, check out the following links :