Build the ship as it sails

UPDATE: Authors can upload pictures if they are 100 kb or less. System limits. On popular demand the old blog too is open. Feel free to write there or here, based on your preference. It is OK. Bottom line is: everyone should have an outlet to share their thoughts………………………….

Friends, the “bare bones” website is here. We are going to build the ship as it sails – just like Johny Depp and his pirates in the Caribbeans! Led by Harish, we have tried to make it easy to navigate and use – with a design which is easy on the eyes. No bells and whistles though! Read on please, for serious stuff..

  1. Feel free to let us know ( what you think. You may also share resources for Resource page. Take a screen shot and let us know about: typos, bad links OR any “difficult” or misbehaving design element.. We will consider, test  and try n fix it asap.
  2. If you have some rare photographs of TISA’s early days (2007-2013), feel free to share it with us.
  3. If you need author rights let us know by email. If you need some more specific privilege to moderate your group – again, drop us an email.Subscriber & or Participant (entry level) can put up an event (calendar) only.Contributor (next level)- can put up an event plus POST but NO pictures.Both the above levels will lead to a post /event with “pending” status which admin will publish soon (with in 24 hours). Please remember, both these levels can NOT insert pictures. Author can insert media and self-publish too.
  4. When you upload a picture along with the post- try and minimise the size (less than 100 Kb) if you can..
  5. Do encourage others by commenting on their posts. Think of this as special “sewa” of Hakla Narayan – (the divine in every stammerer!). We all need encouragement from time to time. (I certainly do – all the time!)
  6. Try and put your events on the calendar. After couple of uses, it will feel easy. It is a convenient way of sharing SHG events across the country. So that if “Anil” plans to travel to Bangalore on a weekend, he can attend the FUN meeting there..
  7. Category: Please consider these 12 categories (pics below). If in doubt leave it as “Uncategorised”.
  8. Tags: two tags seem to be most important: City where the event is happening (or originating) and the NATURE of the event: “My story” from “Banglore” /  “SHG meet” in “Kanpur” / “Skype Conference” organised by “Delhi” group etc. You are certainly free to add more tags.

Harish thanks all of you who have helped us so far, including this website! But let us not sit on our laurels..

Best wishes from all of us!

Post Author: Sachin

1 thought on “Build the ship as it sails

    Jai Prakash Sunda

    (November 12, 2016 - 8:13 am)

    Congrats everyone involved! Esp. Harish!
    I too am looking at it carefully and thinking what more can be done to make it more useful..
    Best wishes everyone… (Vikas Ranga, You too, man!)

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