Congratulations everyone!

handsA big milestone has been achieved today- with this website being launched successfully – and on time! No ‘blocks’ this time- thanks to TISA Tech Team! This is a milestone, not the end of the journey. We are not sprinters- we are marathoners. We are in it for a long long haul.. Now, we have to match this website with equally good services being offered through it to pws scattered all over this great land.. I am sure we can do it, if we keep in touch with our core values- accepting each other and helping one another for no other motive but the joy of doing so.. Congrats everyone! The first ISAD when we in India have woken up to our true potential..

Let me thank all the old and new friends- too many to name- but let me name some, as they come to my mind at 58: Mr Manimaran, JP Sunda, Nitin Tomar, Sikandar Randev, Mr Jasbir, Dr Akash Acharya and many more.. (Please excuse my failing memory- I can recall every face though- and their valuable contribution in the last 15 years or so..).

NOW, we must use it!

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