Delhi SHG Meeting ? really was it meeting or workshop ? No, “it was the most beautiful moments”

It was our first indoor meeting of 2017, As the venue was fixed “Natay Ballet Center” from 1 pm to 3 pm, I (Vishal) called the venue at 10:30 am just for the confirmation and got the reply that someone else already booked the room for next 6 months I was shocked and i did argument with the person on phone as I already posted the meeting announcement to many of social website where I have got around 25 confirmation and as we were about to celebrate mother’s day and I had planned many of activities for the meeting.

But again its a learning and we being a TISIANS, never give up, I got the support of Dixit and Vikas we discussed on phone through conference call now what to do ? we have always one hope ? suspense who is that hope ? who is ? Calm down, we have one buddy who always have helping hands and options to give us hope – one and only “Shailendra JI” finally we decided that we will do our meeting at his office with same timings. We tried hard to call all those buddies to let them know about our new venue and all.

at sharp 1 pm, we all gathered at Shailendra’s office for the meeting, Kudos to Shailendra, he quickly arranged a cup of tea for us which was a very nice catalyst to increase our power for entire meeting.

As agenda was planned by me and the theme was mother’s as the day was 14th May 🙂 with this,  I have started the meeting while calling the role players of the meetup. below were the role players : –

Shailendra – Hakla Judge, Ravi Jagga – Hakla Counter, Google Baba – Hakla timer in this way I called Jagga for sharing the ground rules and technique for the meeting

As there were 5 new members in our meeting, it was very nicely explained by Jagga after that we started the meeting with one min speech of including your intro + your words to your mom, it went well and it was so amazing to listen some of humorous.

after this, Ground rules explained by Ravi Jagga and he took a step of giving KT about Acceptance which was very well explanatory. As this is not the end, the meeting started with lot of fun and practice.

After that we had Impromptu speech round – where one has to share their story about mischievous and crazy things with mother and this was the main central attraction of the meeting that everyone shared their moment in such a nice way that everyone enjoyed a lot.

After this I have shared few of emotional quotes related to mothers and cherishing some of the memories till now our journey.

After completing this activity – I think, God came here with us – no no no its not false its truth and I believe when you do things from your heart, God comes and gives you a gift in different way.

what happened is – I have planned to have a new round mirror activity where one will on his/her mobile camera and see his face like a mirror and will do a promise in-front of all of us – this is kind of meditation or kind of facing your true self.

While explaining this activity to the participants, I was seeing a big Glass in the corner wall of room – yes it was big wall like a saloon – i was shocked and happy that now everyone will do this activity in-front the mirror now and no need of mobile web cam. it went so so so well.

After this, as Sikander sir too came to the meeting and we called him to have a QA session for new comers and as expectated – new member asked many of their inner hidden questions to Sikander sir and he answered each of their questions beautifully, he actually shown a right mirror and a right path of getting the unlimited countless happiness and peace. He emphasized on pain area and regret area which we (PWS) tend to create.

with this activity, we had our blasting mother’s day Jam session with our star hero “Daksh Kapoor” who recently started working for Hotel Raddison Jam shows.

we both together sang a song first for our mother and then started our mashups which memorized and overwhelmed everyone 😀 .










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    Amitsingh Kushwaha

    (May 20, 2017 - 11:17 am)

    Great meeting.

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