It was an incident 3-4 years ago. When I was in 10th STD.  It was just a normal school day from my school life. It was my history class going on in that 2nd lecture of that day.

Our history teacher was very talkative & funny. So, they were asking some questions to my friend just sitting beside me. And suddenly the teacher asked me, “Rohit do you know how to ride a bike?” and I simply said “No sir”.

And some boys were saying “sir, why are you asking him about riding a bike! He doesn’t even know how to ride a bicycle!!!” Everyone who heard this comment was laughing at me. The teacher said, “Shoo… silence”

How Rohit, I have seen your elder brother, he rides a bike easily. I’ve been seeing him riding from when he was in 8th or 9th. You should also learn these things. Am I right? “Yes,” I said.

In school, my friends were very supportive in case of stammering & my speech issues. But still, some of them demotivated me. Simply, I was a very upset, lazy, over thinker, and dull type of, this small incident hit me from inside.

It was the month of august, my Ganapati vacation was going on. It was 5:30 Am, I said to my father, papa, I want to learn to bicycle. Can you teach me right now? He nodded his head. Since we already have one bicycle at home, I didn’t need to go out for a borrowing cycle for practice.

It was not a very busy road but whoever saw me riding a bicycle was commenting on me. “How can this be possible? You are big now and still you don’t know how to cycle?” my dad said, ‘eh, but he will learn soon!”

Yes, I learned to bicycle in just 8 days. So, one target was completed. It was a normal day after my Ganapati vacation. As the school bell rang, we all rushed out of school at full speed. My friends were eating dosa from our nearby food stall.

And I was simply passing by from that stall. I saw my friend’s bicycle which was parked beside that stall. I simply asked him, “hey, Can I ride your cycle?” “Rohit, are you sure? Can you ride a bicycle?” he asked by raising one eyebrow.

“Yes,” I said confidently, then I rode that bicycle with full confidence & speed. Everyone was astonished by my achievement.

I know it was a small achievement, but for mine, it was as big as finding water in a desert. Now I don’t feel that task is important, but that incident taught me to try even if you are demotivated. I also learned how to ride a motorcycle during the Diwali vacation of the same year.
Now, when I joined TISA, I’m pretty confident that I will become a good speaker.

Even now my dream is to give a speech in front of thousands of people, to perform stand-up comedy performances & perform a skit or play.




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2 thoughts on “IT HAPPENED TO ME

    Ankit Pandey

    (March 2, 2022 - 2:26 pm)


    Deepika Goyal

    (April 26, 2022 - 7:08 pm)

    Thats a very introspective article Rohit. I feel motivated to try new things.

    I learnt bicycle one fine day when my kids were playing.

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