My experience #2

Stammering is something which chases you wherever you go…Be it asking for ticket or attending interview

Each and every time only one question comes in our mind….What will listner think  If I stammer while speaking..???

Nothing….He is busy with his own life…What will be the worst case…He may walk away…,😢😢….So what…

We must keep one thing in our mind…That stammering in not going away in one day…So just relax in think in long term…Will this conversation matter … Might not….But the attitude with which you have handled this conversation matters…This will create a positive cycle of improvement about how we are making ourselves eloquent…Not just normal speaker…

So before each and every conversation, Our goal should be to speak eloquently ,not to hide our stammering..We must play in attacking position, not defending ourselves…speak with power n conviction..

Remember one thing..Life is bigger than stammering so don’t make a single conversation life n death situation…

Take it easy man…

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3 thoughts on “My experience #2

    satyendra srivastava

    (August 25, 2018 - 12:42 pm)

    There is a popular saying: Dont take yourself seriously- take your WORK seriously.
    And this is true- Great men are remembered today, not for who they were (or were not) but for what they DID. Similarly, when we, the pws, take ourselves, our feelings, our status, our reputation too “seriously” – we stammer even more and everything comes crashing down.
    What should we do instead? Let us, for a change, take the task of communicating a message across, seriously- and do WHATEVER it takes to get the message across- even if it means writing it down or spelling it out, one letter at a time- Some readers will gasp: Write it down? Well, when it was very important, I wrote down the name of the drug etc. and gave it to my patients when I was working in a Hospital… and the patient was thankful. I too was satisfied that someone will not be injured by some wrong drug..
    Gradually, things changed for me.. First flower, then Fruit. That is the law of Nature.

    Bhupendra Singh Rathore

    (August 26, 2018 - 5:11 pm)

    Wonderful! Our goal should be to speak eloquently, not to hide our stammering. Really inspiring thoughts; Thanks for sharing your views, Raman Ji.


    (September 4, 2018 - 4:01 pm)

    Great Raman Maan Ji, Thanks for sharing with us

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