My experience #8 Practice Practice Practice

Hello friends ,

we are normal speaker in our mind , we process our thoughts in mind without any block or hindrance. It is when we actually transfer thoughts from mind to speech organs , all magic happens and we face the blocks –

many people try to speak in slow pace – that is good – it helps us to reduce mental stress and speech organs relaxation – which inevitably contribute to good speech

it is when we try to fast speak – Noooooooo – we always try to speak in controlled manner but the issue is that it is our programming of mind that is hard to change just by saying that i will speak slowly from now onwards.

Each and every new skill requires practice and we usually don’t practice much or we practice here and there – once in a week and then forget about it at all – Good communication is an art that can be learnt over a period of time – not overnight or with a single thought

we must make each and every conversation as a practice ground – whether it is normal conversation with family members or with friends – try to use your weapons otherwise they will get rusted –

in our case , weapon are use of eye contact , slow speech , prolongation , bouncing , deep coastal breathing and whatever may suits for you – these are physical practices –

stammering is more in mind than in speech organs – it is our thought that give instruction to voice system to freeze due to fear , hesitation – so proper  change in mindset is required for becoming good communicator

Always think about WTO-H what the opportunity here

every single conversation is full of opportunities to practice before the real and more intense battle began

For mental – accepting yourself , mediation , reading positive books , writing down your own thoughts on paper or here in this blog so that you along with fellow members get some insight ( sometimes a single thought can trigger the change process )

I’m sure , we are going to become good communicator if and only if we put significant amount of time and efforts in this process.

Yesterday is history , tomorrow is mystery but today is gift that is why it is called present – so make use of today don’t procrastinate your practice till tomorrow because years have passed in this trap of tomorrow

Just do it,

Raman Maan



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