My experience #9 Embracing randomness

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As a stammerer we always want a good speech – a fluent one – and here and there we find ourselves fluent but when a set back come in our speech – it can come at any time any where – a person who triggered your stammering last time – a word that you felt hard to pronounce – you will again find yourself caught in stammering dilemma.

So how to tackle that ? – The answer is by embracing randomness of this life – here nothing is permanent – but we as a human being want something stable in life – a job that will end all suffering – a friendship that will tackle all our issues – But at the end , you will find yourself alone , dejected in life –

At this point , none is going to take care of you – You and Only you can take care of your feeling , your problems

#Practical Tip – yesterday was a bad day , so bad that i didn’t want to write on blog – one call triggered not my stammering but the underlying feelings associated with stammering – I’m pretty sure that it happens with all of us and very frequently that we feel like giving up –

In this situation we have to look back that how far we have come in this life and we add a simple question – WTO_H – What the opportunity here – Instead of getting caught in overthinking and overfeeling  cycle – Just accept that yes, there is some issue today but i am back on the track – i don’t let this situation overpower me – I am bouncing back – The thing is that we all fell down at some point of time , but getting up and bouncing back each and every time will show that your problems are not so big that they destroy you –

Continuing on the path of self help with some ups and downs

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