The D-Day (A Contribution to Stammering Awareness Week’19)



When I turn the pages of my life, I arrive at the day when my teacher called me on stage to take part in the Debate. I have words in my head but I don’t know why I’m not able to utter them. I have a lot to share but whenever I open my mouth other opinions, laughter forces me to keep mum. I ran to my room and closed the doors and cried for the whole day. Why God?? Why Me?? Why I can’t express my thoughts as others can?? I don’t want to study anymore; I want to go back home. Yes, I too need some love from society. I too want someone who will listen to me. Someone, who will not tell me to improve my speech every time; instead accepts me as what I’m.

And one day I decided, I will break this prison and will fly as other birds do. Like every bird having different voices. I too have mine; Unique One. Why feel ashamed of it? I might be short, not much macho. But I don’t need to be. At least I’m not on this planet to please everyone. I’m not afraid of others opinions. That was the D-Day in my life. I’m no more a slave of someone’s Beliefs and Thoughts.
How it feels when a boy didn’t go to school just because he is afraid of saying present on his roll calls. He never takes part in Co-Circulars Activities which leads him to live with lower self-esteem and low self-confidence. How did it feel when someone says, you’re not enough?

You need to take a decision to change yourself, to prove yourself you’re enough. Others opinions don’t decide what you’ll become. You will become what you decide to be. Let others Bark, but ON your Spark, to show them your worth.

That was the day I ignited a fire inside me to aware people about stammering. It is one of the most beautiful parts of my personality. This makes me unique. Yes, I’m special. Like we all are special in certain ways. So don’t reject this Gift instead accept it with both hands. Stop fighting with yourself, You’re enough. Keep a Smile on your face and Stammer Freely!

Writing Credits – Bhupendra Singh Rathore

Image Courtesy- Shutterstock

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